SEGA: this cult racing game gets a fan remake under Unreal Engine 5

Game News SEGA: this cult racing game gets a fan remake under Unreal Engine 5

Do you know SEGA Rally? This legendary racing game was released for the first time in 1994, giving birth to the eponymous saga. Today, a fan presents his remake under Unreal Engine 5 and the result is quite attractive.

Call it Over Jump

It was in 1994 on arcade terminals that the iconic Japanese publisher released Sega Rally Championship for the first time.a title the year after published on SEGA Saturn, then on PC in 1997. A real success which launched the saga of the same name, lasting for a few episodes until it died out in 2008 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 .

But because nostalgia is not lost and gains in power over time, an independent developer and very fond of the game in question has tackled an enticing project: remaking Sega Rally under Unreal Engine 5. Alessandro Schiassi (that’s the name of the genius of the day) renamed the project to Over Jump and has just presented a demo on YouTube and Twitter.

Soon a real game made available?

By renaming it thus, Schiassi wishes to avoid disagreement with SEGA to potentially offer its finalized game to the general public, probably for free. For the moment, the developer who has been basically a supervisor and VFX artist for more than fifteen years is nine months into the job: ithe already announced that he intended to redo the Desert circuit as well as the Tilme Attack mode to publish it in the form of a demo accessible to all… then to watch for the reaction of SEGA.

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A site already very well received by the public or, at least, on social networks. Some old-school players have in any case not hesitated to show their enthusiasm for the project and more generally for the arcade racing game genre, whose typical feeling of the 90s is definitely in decline.

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