Sega’s Hyenas Look Like Another Battle Royale Tired Experiment

Sega recently unveiled Hyenas, an upcoming 15-player PvEvP FPS that is believed to be part of the “super game” project that came out a while ago. The general consensus about hyenas is that they probably shouldn’t have bothered. Super game? This thing hardly looks like a good game. It appears to have been conceived in a focus group, with no artistic involvement, generated entirely by demographic preferences, spreadsheets, pie charts, and a mindless lust to plunge into a highly profitable genre with no thought of how to achieve success. of that


In the game’s reveal on Golden News, it’s compared to Hunt: Showdown and Apex Legends. Creative director Charlie Bewsher compares it to Warzone and Fortnite. Everything feels more like Hyper Scape. Golden News has looked for the good in the game, trying to find a unique way to translate it to their readers, I get it. After watching the trailer, I felt like I had stolen the gameplay ideas from Prey, the humor from Saints Row, and the art style from XDefiant. Doesn’t do either of the first two justice, and XDefiant…yeah, that’s probably their level.

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The creative director, the person who must ensure that the game feels unique and attractive, should concern us all. Genre aside, Fortnite and Warzone are nothing alike. Fortnite is colorful, reliant on crossing, bouncing, fast, and more like an arcade shooter with sliding, guarding, building, and dancing. Warzone is a monotonous and realistic military shooter that focuses on tactics and precision. The only thing that connects them is that they both make a lot of money, and the comparison should be a big telltale sign that Hyenas is built for profit. Fortunately for fans of comeupps, karma, and schadenfreude, it seems the trailer has been designed to glitch so loudly that they can hear it on Venus. The last game that tried to be Fortnite and Warzone was Battlefield 2042, and we all know how it went.

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Let’s talk about the game itself. We haven’t seen any.

Despite being announced with a brilliant two-minute trailer packed with Sonic keychains (more on that later), high-octane action sequences, and what I assume were jokes, no gameplay was included. It’s an FPS game, and other than a single clip through a sniper’s crosshairs, it was all third-person cinematic. There’s also no release date beyond ‘2023’, so the timeline for when we might get the game is unclear. This is not unusual; in fact, most games first appear through screenshots and cutscenes rather than gameplay. But if you’ve been hyping up a super game, tell us that it’s going to take on Fortnite and Warzone, and make it look like XDefiant, you have to understand that not a single soul will believe you.

On that Sonic keychain. The game is a 15-player affair, divided into three teams of five. Your objective, apart from fighting the other players, is to steal as many ‘treasures’ as you can in a single game. These ‘treasures’ are just nostalgia turned trophy, and ‘you could end up looting the first album you bought’, while Bewsher ‘promises you’ll see a lot of different pop culture IPs represented in the game’, which feels less like a promise. and more like a threat. We’re so obsessed as a culture with absorbing IP and pop culture references, that we point to the screen and salivate every time someone mentions that thing, you know, from that movie! With that guy! It feels like the vulgar pinnacle of this materialistic obsession has us fighting to the death over a plastic blue hedgehog tattoo that hasn’t had a good video game in nearly two decades.

There also appears to be the Alien exoskeleton featured in the trailer (which Sega owns the license to), as well as a character who may be wearing a Richard Nixon mask. It is unclear at this time if Sega owns the rights to the image of the late 37th president.

Creative Assembly is the team at Sega working on this, and given CA’s experience on Alien: Isolation, it’s always great to see them throw the ball around. Isolation is regularly discussed as one of the best horror games of all time, but horror games don’t sell huge numbers. As a result, we never got a follow-up, canonical or spiritual. However, while I like to see Creative Assembly back in the game, hearing that they’ve been churning out Fortnite/Warzone/PleaseGibMoney PvEvP feels like a huge waste. Zero-G battles look like they could be fun. It also sounds like they could be a lot more fun if they weren’t wedged into a Fortnite/Warzone wannabe, as that’s a unique gimmick. That didn’t go so well for Hyper Scape.

Hyenas shouldn’t bother me so much. There were a lot of games revealed at Summer Game Fest that just weren’t for me, and I just let them slide. But it seems like every studio needs to get a pointless and expensive Fortnite scam clone out of their system, and it only highlights how creatively bankrupt our industry often is. All games have to take profit into account, that’s why we don’t have another Isolation, but Hyenas is so cheeky about it that he feels like he’s laughing in our faces. At least the name is appropriate.

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