Session: For Skate and Tony Hawk fans? An update on the new features of the final game

Game News Session: For Skate and Tony Hawk fans? An update on the new features of the final game

If you like sliding in an urban environment, you didn’t know that – for two years – the Crea-ture team has been working on Session, a new skate simulation. Imagine that the beast has just come out of easy access. So who is the game for? Is he some kind of cross between the Electronic Arts Skate series and Tony Hawk? Do not move, we answer you in this article.

Ah yes, this pleasure of traveling the streets on your board, of preparing a trick before placing it at the right moment, of starting over as many times as necessary. In skate games, you may know a place by heart, there will always be another “trick” to try! In any case, this is the trend that has emerged with the Electronic Arts Skate license, far from the arcade ambition of Tony Hawk’s. But a few years ago, skateboarding in video games took a bend plus simulation, with Skater XL and Session. As you will have understood, it is the latter that interests us today. The project, developed by the Crea-ture studio, has just arrived in 1.0 on PC, PS4, PS5, One, Xbox Series – after two years of early access and updates.

Session, a skate game yes, for whom?

Let’s go back to the basics. Session is a clearly simulation skate game that goes a step further than the Skate license. Here, the left stick controls your avatar’s left foot and the right stick moves – suspenseful – the right foot. To perform figures, it is therefore necessary to carefully shake the two buttons to simulate the real movements of an ace of sliding. For example: for an “Ollie” (basic jump) you must lower the right stick downwards then quickly raise the left stick upwards. All of Session’s gameplay follows this path, so much so that the controls are even reversed when your hero continues on his way, after a half-rotation in the air. If you ever ask yourself the question, no, there is no notion of combo and points to be scored.

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So yes, it’s not easy, but the Crea-ture team has the good taste to integrate lots of accessibility options so that everyone can enjoy the joys of skiing. At the very moment of launching a game, you will have to choose between four difficulty modes (support, easy, default, hardcore). Concretely, the higher the challenge, the more precise you have to be | meticulous in his approach to tricks and grinds. Added to this are other parameters that can make life difficult for you, such as the need to manually capture your board when landing. All in all, you’ll have plenty to personalize your experience! However, it is worth noting that even in “assistance” mode, it will clearly not be cooked at all. Finally, note that the Legacy option – available in early access and allowing you to find the gameplay of the Skate series (and easier handling) – no longer seems to be relevant in this 1.0.

Another taste of early access

It’s funny to say, but Session offers almost too many options to customize the experience, reminiscent of the days of early access. For example, you can change the time of day as you see fit and even – downright – gravity. There is still one missing dose of “polish” to make Session look like a finished, polished game. Unfortunately, it’s an aftertaste that comes back for other aspects of the game: such as the menus, the level map (three at the start of the game), the cutscenes, the dialogues, the animations of the characters on foot. The structure seems – for the first three hours – to be of the same ilk, chaining the challenges in New York without any real common thread, from skate park to unlock, from skate competitions to win.

Session – We set off on the asphalt of Philadelphia (Gameplay)

Overall, Session becomes a sandbox game where it is very pleasant to stroll around and challenge yourself (succeed in such a trick on such a spot) but where it lacks a certain contextualization. It’s a shame, especially when the stiffness | difficulty of the game come stop the progress. In our case, in a main mission, we found ourselves having to do a “full cap fakie flip” without any particular help, except for a picture dictionary that was not necessarily very explicit. Why not add a controller that indicates the correct movements at the top of the screen? This is the kind of thing that disappoints for 1.0 of such a demanding game. Note that, for the moment, Session does not offer a multiplayer mode, nor grabs, tricks that are essential in skateboarding.

A paradise for Sunday skaters

So yes, even after two years in early access, Session is not quite the long-awaited successor to Skate. However, if you like to walk around and challenge yourself in well-designed, beautifully executed levels, this is right on target! The title of Crea-ture perfectly embodies the sandbox skate fun, constantly repeating a sequence to finally have the perfect capture. Because yes, here you have an “in-game” video editor (well designed) to record all your exploits. There is even enough to place ramps, other springboards to create the spot of your dreams and, of course, everything you need to start a new hold by placing a marker on the ground (and come back to it in the blink of an eye). eye). If you’re into exercise, you’re in for a treat.

Session: For Skate and Tony Hawk fans?  An update on the new features of the final game

We end with the best, the gameplay of Session, which is a little gem! After a good period of adaptation, the sense of accomplishment will really be there and you will want to discover every corner of the three maps available. Even the graphics have the merit of being pleasing to the eye. You will therefore have understood that Session is an imperfect and demanding experience that will not please everyone, but if you want to stroll the streets of New York, San Francisco and Philadelphia to do tricks, it is a small corner of paradise. Price displayed on PC: €39.99.

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