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  • How to stop Glory Killing Marta
  • How to convince Marta to accompany you

Once you’ve gotten to know your peers in Shadowrun: Dragonfall, some of them will decide that you are the best person to help them with some personal problems. For Glory, her cyberware-bedecked combat medic, this means returning to Feuerstelle and confronting the cult leader responsible for all of her trauma.


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During this mission, you will meet Marta, Glory’s ex-lover and a very important person in the cult’s hierarchy. It is possible, through the art of conversation, to convince Marta that following the sect’s ideals is pointless, but it is also possible that Glory kills her on the spot. It is a conversation that requires finesse.


First things first, it’s important to know that if you want to be as successful as possible in this quest and convince Marta to join your team (temporarily), you’ll need to do some research work in Feuerstelle.

It is very beneficial to recruit Marta if your goal is to save the cultists. – There is a tough boss fight at the end of this mission. She is less useful if your goal is to kill Harrow.

You will know which door leads to the confrontation with Marta as Glory will warn you. Make sure you have completed all of the following tasks before entering the door:

  • recovering glory ring in the classroom.
  • examining the bloody clothes in the classroom.
  • examining the three video player in the classroom.
  • Reading The Harrow Manifesto in his office. Resist the urge to look away, you have to read it all Beware of the spirit that will attack you.
  • Talking to the female initiate outside Marta’s room. and exhaust his dialogue: you must learn about the ritual he was about to do.
  • investigating the fridge in the kitchen.

exist Two classroomsone with the tri-vid player and one with the Glory ring and bloody clothes.

It is useful to have Academic Etiquette unlocked, but by no means necessary. It just makes the dialog tree at the bottom of this article a bit easier to navigate.

Once you’ve completed all of those tasks, you’ll be armed with everything you need to safely navigate the next dialog.

How to stop Glory Killing Marta

The first thing you will have to do in this conversation is to convince Glory not to kill Marta right then and there. She is full of rage and she doesn’t believe a word Marta says, so you will have to convince her that Marta they can Tell the truth.

Once Glory draws her razors, you will need to choose the following dialogue options to ensure you don’t kill Marta:

  • “I think we should listen to her. Something strange is going on here.”
  • (Glory’s Ring) “Because of this, and the picture it was pinned to. If I was lying, I wouldn’t have kept them all these years.”

If you forgot to pick up the Ring of Glory, you can also use the dialogue it mentions how the shrine is affecting your mind to convince Gloria.

How to convince Marta to accompany you

With Marta safe from Glory, you now have a chance to save Marta from her conditioning. You will be presented with many dialog options looking enlighten Marta about how illogical the cult is and her beliefsand are unlocked based on the tasks you have completed in the preparations section.

exist Five possible options that will push Marta towards freedom. If you use Three Of them, you can convince Marta to give you the amulet you need without a fight. if you can use four or five Of them, Marta will keep the amulet but will join you.

During the conversation, point out these five facts:

  • The Harrow Manifesto it values ​​both charity and selfishness, which is a contradiction.
  • A cult based on freedom having a leader like Harrow at the helm makes no sense. (This dialog option requires the Academic Etiquettebut not necessary if you have all other options available)
  • the bloody clothes indicate that worship is not peaceful.
  • Glory once killed someone for a trid player and was rewarded by Harrow as a result.
  • the meat carving ritual now it is being interpreted by raw start and with metahuman flesh.

With enough of these dialogue options used, Marta’s willpower will break and you’ll be able to convince her to join your side. It’s also possible to make her leave forever at this point, meaning she won’t be around for the boss fight.

If you reveal that your plan is to kill Harrow when you open the altar door, Marta will turn on you and force you to kill her.

When you arrive at the Heart of Feuerstelle you will have the opportunity to decide between destroy the spirit or purify the spirit and saving the cultists. How Marta behaves here will depend on your choice:

  • if you choose destroy the spiritMarta will turn on you and end up killed by Glory.
  • if you choose purify the spirit, Marta will stay by your side and become a valuable ally during combat. She is a shaman with the Heal Wound spell, which automatically makes her very useful.

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