Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Best Duncan Build

In a world filled with high-tech Drones and magical spells, sometimes the humble pistol is all you need to see you through a tough and hostile encounter. In Shadow Run: Hong KongNo one knows this better than Duncan Wu aka Gun Show.

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Duncan is the best marksman in this game, except if you build your player character that way, and he’s pretty handy in most fights. He can reliably pierce armor, survive a hail of bullets, and support his allies with grenade cover. His abilities only serve to improve his performance: this is what he has access to.

Duncan’s best abilities

Duncan, just like the other characters in Hong Kong, will level up every time you complete two shadowruns, whether you’re taking him with you or not. When this happens, you can choose between two upgrades for him.

Duncan’s abilities are divided between lethal force Y crowd control. The first focuses on finishing off individual goals while the second provides tools that are useful for giving you a break in a heated encounter.

Gets better lethal force crowd control
1 firepower round: Assault Rifle skill that deals an additional 2 DMG and pierces 2 armor. It costs 1 AP and has a CD of 2 turns. hanging pouf: Rifle skill that deals 2 AP damage and staggers the target. Can’t do critical damage. It costs 1 AP and has a CD of 2 turns.
two merciful death: Assault Rifle skill that has a 99% chance to hit a target with less than 25% health remaining. Also deals 2 additional DMG. It has a 2 lap CD. You can only target those weak targets. To dominate: Duncan’s regular Subdue ability has its CD reduced by 1 turn.
3 nail grenade: Duncan now picks up a grenade on missions that deals 12 DMG over time lasting 2 turns. He also removes 1 Armor. modified flashbang: Duncan now performs a flash grenade on missions that have a larger area of ​​effect than normal flash grenades.
4 recoil compensation: Duncan’s version of Full Auto Fire no longer includes a penalty to accuracy. shock baton: Duncan now uses a Shock Baton in missions. Deals a low amount of damage but deals 2 AP damage per hit.
5 Shiawase magnetic arm: Duncan gains a magnetic arm that allows him to throw incoming grenades at the launcher. gas grenade: Duncan now uses a grenade on missions that deals low damage but creates a cloud of gas that deals continuous AP damage.

It’s pretty clear that both of Duncan’s skill trees can be considered offensive or supportive. As it is a recurring theme with the Hong Kong companions (unlike the Dragonfall companions), it’s not a bad idea to make Duncan a hybrid characterenhancing both sides of their role in battle.

This construction takes Hanging Beanbag, Mercy Kill, Modified Flashbang, Recoil Compensation, and Shiawase Magnet Arm.

With these abilities, Duncan gets the best of both worlds. First of all, with Hanging pouf and modified Flashbang has great options for knocking enemies out of cover and stun them, setting up easy kills for the rest of your squad.

If you don’t think you’ll end up with a lot armor stripping on your machine (which shouldn’t be the case if you build Is0bel correctly), getting firepower round It’s not a bad idea

Mercy Kill is situational but absolutely fantastic when you can make it work – one of the most frustrating experiences in this game against very low HP enemies is missing, and this relieves it. recoil compensation He targets the same frustration and turns Full Auto Fire into a beastly attack for Duncan.

When it comes to the final update, there is no competition. Being able to bounce enemies’ grenades back at themselves is almost outclassed in usefulness.both offensively and defensively.

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