Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Better version of Is0bel

If you played Dead Man’s Switch and Dragonfall before starting Shadow Run: Hong Kong (and you should have!), you already know how important it is to have a competent Decker on your team. In this campaign, that Decker is Is0bel. She will be your guiding light through the complex digital world of the Matrix.


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Unless, of course, you have other arrangements. Maybe you want to take the generic Decker with you, or you’ve built a Decker yourself that outclasses Is0bel in The Matrix. In that case, Is0bel is free to become the grenade-throwing beast of your dreams.

is0bel’s best skills

As in Dragonfall, your companions in Hong Kong will gain a level for every two quests you complete, up to level six. Whenever they level up, your companions will be able to choose between two skills.

Is0bel’s skill set is pretty predictable. she is a Decker who wields a grenade launcher in the meat spaceand the possible upgrades you can choose for her largely reflect this.

Gets better Sabotage Espionage
1 Mini-Launcher: Is0bel can now fire Remote Mines from her grenade launcher, which will activate when an enemy approaches them. They can also be activated at will. tar pitcher: Is0bel’s Blaster program is upgraded to Tar Blaster, which immobilizes enemies in place.
two stable frame: Pistol skill that adds 30% to Is0bel’s accuracy. It costs 2 AP and has a CD of 3 turns. mark target: Is0bel’s Mark Target now removes 1 Armor from the target.
3 Mini-Launcher: Is0bel can now use Napalm Charges with her grenade launcher. Napalm charges set targets on fire and cause them to take an additional 6 DMG when hit by other attacks. boost program: Is0bel now takes a dual routine booster program with her to the Matrix.
4 bright light system: Is0bel gains the ability to temporarily blind opponents using her cybernetic eye. This ability costs 2 AP and has a CD of 6 turns. The blindness lasts 2 turns. Jolt Alert System: Whenever Is0bel enters a stunned state due to AP loss, she wakes up startled with 1 AP to spare.
5 Mini-Launcher: Grenades fired from the Grenade Launcher now remove 1 Armor from enemies. pain suppression: Is0bel now takes 3 less DMG each time she is hit while connected to the Matrix.

Your ability options for Is0bel will obviously differ depending on whether you’re using her as your primary Decker or if her Deck abilities are going to waste. Fortunately, her combat skills are useful enough that replacing her position as the team’s Decker is surprisingly viable.

This construction takes Tar Blaster, Mark Target, Mini-Launcher, JoltAlert System and Mini-Launcher (again).

This build assumed that you are making Is0bel your primary Decker. That’s why we take tar pitcherwhich is a fantastic utility program for the Matrix. Root enemies in place for one turn he’s pretty overpowered, especially when you’re up against melee fighters or you can easily take cover.

Is0bel’s skills with a pistol are pretty terrible, so Mark Target is easily the best choice for the second upgrade.

We do not take the Boost program or pain suppression for the following reasons:

  • It’s just easy and cheap to buy a Dual Routine Boost program from Maximum Law and then you lend it to Is0bel when you need her in the Matrix. This allows you to get the fantastic Napalm Charges without worry.
  • Putting more effort into defending Is0bel’s flesh space body while in the Matrix relieves any need to take pain suppression. Similarly, the alternate upgrade here is awesome.

As for the choice of cyber softwarenone access point manipulation it’s going to be better than inflicting blindness in the long run, even if it’s a situational buff.

If you don’t plan on using Is0bel in the Matrix, just take the Remote Mines upgrade on the first level instead of Tar Blaster. Boom, dedicated instant grenadier.

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