Shadowrun Trilogy: The Complete Guide to The Matrix

in the world of shadow race, The Matrix is ​​what replaced the Internet after the great crash of 2029 destroyed it. It’s a virtual reality space that Deckers interact with using Decks, and in the Shadowrun Trilogy, this takes the form of a digital space that you can approach with avatars.


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Combat and exploration in The Matrix is ​​very similar to combat and exploration in fleshspace (ahem, the real world), except in the Hong Kong campaign, where stealth elements and a code breaking minigame are added. , which makes it much more complicated. part of the game

Matrix Basics

In order to access the Matrix, you will need to find a hotspot. These are always clearly indicated in-game and can be used by anyone who has a Deck equipped. Once logged in, the character used will not be available in the physical world until logged out again.

If the character in the Matrix initiates combat, it will play out like combat in the real world. – by turns. If there is also a match in the real world, the two different matches will occur simultaneously.

Entering the Matrix has several uses: you can acquire payment data, unlock doors, or face off against other characters that may be in the digital space.

While you persist in the Matrix, your trail will increase. This tracks how well known the system you are infiltrating is through the digital space. In the first two campaigns, your trail will gradually increase as you spend time in the Matrix, but it’s actually very difficult to reach higher levels of alarm. In Hong Kong, however, the trail increases every time you fail the stealth sections, get attacked in battle, or fail the code breaking minigame. – so it’s easy to inadvertently make the journey more difficult for yourself.

The Deckers that the campaigns give you are more than adequate for their job, so there is no need for your main character to invest in Decking. That said, there are a few times in Dead Man’s Switch and a single time in Dragonfall where you’ll be without a Decker teammate, so there are specific benefits to being a Decker.

Also, while Blitz and Is0bel are good Deckers, a dedicated Decker player character will almost inevitably be better at navigating the Matrix and its challenges.

matrix combat

Combat in the Matrix is, as mentioned above, turn-based, with a similar mechanic to normal combat. Here are the main differences:

  • Your health is replaced by IPdictated by him Platform you have equipped. If he drops to zero IP, he is kicked out of the Matrix and Decker will take some damage and AP drain.
  • Their access point is also dictated by Platform you have equipped.
  • Instead of skills and items, you have Programs and ESP. Programs are skills. that you can buy and can be used indefinitely, while ESPs act as persistent calls which can be called multiple times in a single Matrix expedition. Every time you connect, you can modify your program and ESP settings. Better Decks has more slots for both.
    • If an ESP is defeated, you won’t be able to use it again until you go on another mission.

One round of combat in the real world is equivalent to three rounds of combat in the Matrix. These three rounds will be played sequentially before returning to the real world.

If you are looking for the greatest success in Matrix combat, here are some recommendations:

  • the blaster program it’s an area of ​​effect attack that deals a decent amount of damage. Duplicating this program is not a bad idea – a lot of enemies like to group up in the Matrix.
  • the degraded program he’s fantastic in the late game. Adds a flat amount of damage to each attack you deal to a selected enemy: +75 IP at highest level. This can be used to melt threatening enemies.
  • the killer program is a high damage single target attack. Perfectly good for chipping away at tough enemies.
  • the medical program is basically necessary – eventually you will take damage and never have that lots of IP.
  • the firewall program acts like shaman wall spells and is very useful in situations.
  • the suppression program it is useful only in the Hong Kong campaign thanks to the increased difficulty of the Matrix segments there.
  • A ESP attacker it’s a decent option to take with you on every excursion to the Matrix. His special ability is basically a Blaster program with a root effect attached, which will keep enemies pinned in one spot, which is great for countering melee enemies.
  • A Kamikaze ESP is another decent option. He has very low health, but his special ability will deal a lot of damage to all surrounding enemies at the cost of his life. This is a bit situational but fantastic at the beginning of the game when all the enemies will be eliminated by the special.

The vast majority of the enemies you face in the Matrix will be IC white (or White Ice), programs that defend the white of the day. They will deal IP damage to your avatar. Eventually you’ll find yourself IC black (or Black Ice). These programs can damage your avatar. Y your real body in the space of flesh. Deal with Black IC as soon as you can – they are the highest value targets.

sigil of the matrix

The Matrix in Hong Kong is set up quite differently than previous campaigns. Here, you are dealing with stealth mechanic.

The sight radius of your enemies is indicated by white squares on the ground., and enemies will travel in set patterns. It’s up to you (or Is0bel, if you don’t create a Decker character) to get through the sections undisturbed.

If you get caught, your Trace level will increase by 20 and you will be involved in a battle. with whatever it was that got you, possibly along with some other generic IC. Each time you are hit by one of these enemies, your trail will increase by another five. It is important to finish the fights as soon as possible.

While the combat is turn-based, the other patrolling enemies will follow their path and join the fight if they catch you.

Also new to the Matrix are blockers – large walls that must be bypassed to achieve your goals, whether they’re protecting security controls or payment data. There are two ways to get past a blocker:

  • The intended way is to engage them in a code breaking minigame, this is detailed below.
  • If you get caught in combat near a Blocker, the Blocker will join the fight. They have a lot of IP, but are easy to hit thanks to being stationary targets out in the open.

The code breaking minigame is a combination of two puzzles. On the left side of the screen is a keyboard. When this puzzle is activated, a series of keys will begin to light up and you must enter the code that exactly flashed – like a Simon Says game. The game begins with a series of four digits, increasing to seven. Every time you complete this part of the puzzle, you will get some extra time. to the code breaking game in general.

Most of the screen is taken up by two lists of codes. When you activate this half of the minigame, the tickers at the top of the screen will show parts of the correct code variably and randomly. Your job is to remember which symbols are at which positions in the code and find the one that matches in the list.

Choosing the wrong code in the list will add 20 Trace. You can also brute force a blocker, but this will increase follow up by 50.

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