She-Hulk Trailer Offers First Look at Frog Man in the MCU

Lost in the hype surrounding today’s She-Hulk trailer was a brief glimpse of the latest Marvel character to make her live-action debut. Yes, Frog Man is officially part of the MCU.

Frog Man can be seen very, very briefly in the new trailer, in which he vaguely resembles the Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Naturally, fans on social media were very excited about this development.

So who is the frogman? In the comics, he is the son of Vincent Patilio, a Spider-Man villain who goes by the name Leap Frog. Unlike his father, Eugene Patilio is a hero, though not a particularly notable one.

Variously described as “a joke character” and “just a guy,” Frog Man can be summed up with this description of 2021’s Iron Man #5: “No solo titles, action figures, trading cards, or actual abilities. Acting Current: Busboy at Isaac’s Oysters in The Village.”

The frogman in Iron Man #5. Image credit: Marvel Comics.

In short, her appearance in the new She-Hulk trailer is truly the best day of her life.

We’ll see what role Frog Man ends up taking on in the upcoming MCU series, where he’ll be joined by Wong, Abomination, and Bruce Banner, among other familiar faces. She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, starring Tatian Maslany as the eponymous heroine, will be available on Disney Plus on August 17.

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