Signalis Tarot Card and Moon Phase Puzzle Guide

By the time you solve the puzzle with the tarot cards and the phases of the moon, things have gotten weird in Signalis. Suddenly you’re at Rotfront and the meat takes over. When you arrive, you will see a large mural depicting the phases of the moon. One of them is missing the ring that allows you to adjust it, but don’t worry about that now: the meat will be delivered. Your main objective for the Rotfront area is to find six tarot cards and solve the moon phase puzzles. Here’s how to do each step.

find the tarot cards

As you’ll probably expect by now, tarot cards are scattered around the area and not entirely accessible early on. Considering that the entire purpose of the new area is to find the tarot cards, you’re on your own when it comes to rounding them up. However, here is a quick overview of where you find them.

  • The lovers card can be found by using acetone on the paint.
  • Death can be earned by using Erika Itou’s birthday on the keyboard and watching Isa die in the bookstore.
  • The moon can be found in the safe, unlocked using pareidolia.
  • Sun is obtained by developing the photo and using it in the scanner.
  • For the star card, you will need to transmit the sound of the magpies to the closed magpie box through your radio.
  • The tower is among some delicious-looking food items in the cafeteria.
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You have solved the puzzle! Gold star!

Using tarot cards

Once you have all the tarot cards and the “patient key”, you will need to go to the apartment labeled “512”. Inside is a carved table with six card-sized places and a journal. The diary is actually not that cryptic. He talks about the writer having five dreams, each related to a planet, and clearly suggests which card corresponds to each one. He talks about skyscrapers and lovers quite clearly.

Your job is simply to place each of the cards in the corresponding place within the dreams. Signalis is pretty cruel in giving you six cards, considering that’s also the number of items you can have in your inventory. You may need to make a couple of trips back to the magic box. Once you have them all on the table, this is how they should be placed:

  • Sun – Buyán
  • Star – Heimat
  • Tower – Vignette
  • Lovers – Kitezh
  • Death – Length
  • Moon – Rotfront

Once the cards are in place, tap the switch in the top left corner of the screen. This will turn on an ultraviolet light that will illuminate the card symbols with some pretty obvious moon phases. You’ll need to take note of the moon phases as well as the planet they correspond to, then head back to the room you started the mural in.

It's easy to miss the switch at the top left.
It’s easy to miss the switch at the top left.

Moon or eclipse?

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to pick up the dropped ring and then place it in the Rotfront circle on the mural. The task here is to match each of the planets with a moon phase. It sounds simple, but it’s easy to get confused. Just remember that gold is the moon and blue is the shadow. To represent a full moon, the entire circle must be gold, and a new moon would be blue.

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This is how they should be:

  • Buyán – Complete
  • Vineta – Waning Crescent (shadow on the left)
  • Kitezh – Waning Gibbous (shadow on the right)
  • Rotfront – New
  • Heimat – Waning Crescent (shadow on the left)
  • Leng – Waxing crescent (shadow mainly covers the left)
Oh yeah?  And how do you close your holes?
Oh yeah? And how do you close your holes?

Once they are placed, the hole in the middle of the mural will instantly widen. There are no buttons to press, so if you need to make small adjustments, you’ll know you got it right, as things will change instantly.

Once you go through there, you are in the home stretch. Good luck. To learn more about the survival horror game, check out our Signalis review.

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