Ska Band Half Past Two Release Music Video Filmed Entirely On The Sims 3

Move over, AMV: The Sims music videos are what’s hot right now and Orange County ska band Half Past Two are ready to prove it. Earlier today, the ska ensemble released their music video for “Curtain Call,” which was shot entirely on The Sims 3.

The music video begins with a mock version of the band’s lead singer, Tara Hahn, riding her bike before kicking off with the upbeat pop-punk track. What follows is a plethora of Sim-ly shenanigans involving trampolines, bull riding, and the game’s infamous Dance Sphere.

Just like any other music video, this effort featured a director: Rae Mystic. While Mystic has shot many music videos using more traditional methods (including some of the earlier Half Past Two videos), shooting one entirely on The Sims 3 was an exciting new challenge for them.

“I’ve been playing The Sims since generation one and have always wanted to make a Sims music video, ever since I was a kid,” Mystic said in a press release. “I posted on Twitter expressing my wish and Half Past Two was the first band to participate.”

“When Rae pitched the idea of ​​creating a full music video on The Sims, I immediately texted them to let them know we were in,” added guitarist Max Beckman. “I completely trust Rae’s artistic vision and knew they would deliver a creative and entertaining video, despite never having worked in the medium before. I was also able to breathe a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to plan an eight-member video shoot for once!” !”

However, while not having to coordinate eight people might have been a welcome change of pace, Mystic added that there was still a lot of process involved, and getting the corresponding member sims to do exactly what they wanted wasn’t always simple. Ultimately, it took Mystic about 13 hours to complete the project.

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“I shot the music video like any other: I built an in-game stage, customized the lighting, and of course made sure to make avatars for everyone in the band. Creating and ‘shooting’ took around 13 hours, not including editing. It was a challenge to force the Sims to do what I wanted them to do with the loose script I had written Tara riding the bike at first was planned, Mark riding the bull wasn’t planned but it seemed like fun to throw in! “

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