Skyrim mod turns Dragon Priest skins into cursed JJBA cosplay

A new Skyrim mod inspired by the stone skins from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure turns Dragon Priest skins into cursed JJBA cosplay. The RPG gameplay overhaul turns skins from simple equippable armor pieces into powerful and dangerous artifacts that bind to the wearer and imbue them with the spirits of the Dragon Priests.

Creator grasscid’s Curse of the Dragon Priests mod takes inspiration from the popular JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga and anime series, specifically the stone masks featured in its first two parts. Like the JJBA skins, these new Skyrim skins cannot be simply equipped from your inventory. Instead, upon activation, the mask will forcibly bond to your face, “causing the Dragon Priest to possess and reshape your flesh entirely for himself.”

The longer you leave the mask on, the stronger its power grows, reaching up to 4 times its base power and in some cases gaining additional effects. For example, Volsung’s mask, which grants him additional weight, cheaper store prices, and underwater breathing, also adds the ability to walk on water from the third growth stage onwards. Making the wearer immune to all forms of disease and poison, the Hevnoraak Mask also increases the effectiveness of your armor as it grows stronger.

It’s not all fun and games, though: the mod’s description warns that, if left unchecked, the Dragon Priests’ influence can end up “leaving you a soulless husk, if you let the mask (and by extension, the Dragon Priest ) grow too”. powerful.” Once the mask reaches its most potent form, there is the occasional chance that the mask’s respective Priest will take over your body entirely, causing you to become a disembodied soul.

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In this state, you must face the fully empowered Demon Priest (yes, he is a full-fledged Demon now) in battle to regain your corporeal form. If that sounds too intimidating, you can try taking the mask off your face preemptively, but it’s not a simple process; after all, you allowed this thing to become permanently attached to your head. Removing it, then, requires an exorcism process that uses an unbinding spell, which forces the ghostly Demonic Priest to be expelled from your being, at which point it must be defeated (albeit at a lower power level than it could have been). otherwise achieved). ).

It’s not all fun and games once it’s over, either. Even successfully unequipping a mask (unequipping seems like too light a term for what we’ve just described, frankly, but you get what we mean) leaves you with debuffs that reflect the boons the cursed artifact previously bestowed on you. Such power ultimately comes at a price, after all, and wielding these dangerous relics takes a toll on your own life force.

It’s a fantastic risk versus reward system, emphasizing the greedy thirst for power displayed by the likes of JJBA’s Dio Brando, who harnesses the power of Stone Mask in the events of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. We certainly know how tempting that trickle of ever-increasing strength can be, but be careful how deep you go…

If you yearn to grow even stronger, a Skyrim mod allows you to transform into a dragon. If you prefer to work for your skills, another Skyrim mod turns the College of Winterhold into a real school. If you’re looking for a safer way to gain unlimited power, our list of Skyrim console commands and cheats should let you do whatever you want in the open world game; just remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

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