Skyrim: she remakes herself and her father to perfection thanks to the character editor

Game news Skyrim: she remakes herself and her father to perfection thanks to the character editor

After more than a decade of existence, Skyrim is still in the news with new feats. Finally, the one of the day comes to us rather from a damn determined player who managed to push the character editor to its smallest entrenchments.

vanilla skyrim

Released in 2011, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is a mega-hit that needs no introduction. A real monument that Bethesda brought out at the end of last year with a Tenth Anniversary Edition, the opportunity to also offer its beast on PS5 and Xbox Series: in short, we still have it for quite a while, especially since development of The Elder Scrolls VI will not be fully activated until Starfield is complete. Bad news, the latter has just been postponed.

In short, the Skyrim community still continues to have fun on the RPG and this is particularly the case of Aurelia Riddle, an inveterate player who has tackled a rather amusing task: to reproduce as well as possible in the game thanks to the character editor. Better than that, after succeeding a few weeks ago, she remade her father with a rather impressive mimicry: on Reddit, its realization was a monster success with 25,000 likesjust that.

mods and patience

That being said, the basic character editor is not precise and thorough enough to achieve such a result. AureliaRiddle therefore had to give in to a plethora of mods: to add cursors, to go further in certain parameters, to add a number of polygons to the entire head of the character, to densify the textures of the skin, to maximize the realism of the eyes…

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And yet, even with all that, it took him a good two hours of work for each face, following a precise process. Here are some of his tips:

Take two photos of yourself, one full face and one in profile. You can also work with a mirror, but I found it easier to take pictures. Try to look as neutral as possible, like a passport photo.

For the front photo, you have to determine which side of your face you prefer to split. Since games can only have completely symmetrical faces, this is really important.

If you do and you feel a rather strange sensation while looking at the screen, it means that you are getting closer to the goal.

If you have patience and determination, it’s up to you!

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