Skyrim Skeleton Key: How to get the Unbreakable Lockpick

Lockpicking is one of the most useful skills in skyrim. Unfortunately, lock picks are not very durable. Except for the master key. Finding this unbreakable lockpick will prevent you from constantly spending gold on new lockpicks. In this guide, we will go through each step of how to get the master key in Skyrim.

How to get the Unbreakable Lockpick

While you can level up your Lockpicking ability to the max level of 100 and spend on six perks in that skill tree to make all of your lockpicks unbreakable, that takes a long time. It’s much easier to find the Master Key early on and use it to unlock chests and doors that hide crafting materials, weapons, armor, and more. The essence of how to achieve it is as follows:

  • Complete the Thieves Guild missions up to Blindsighted.
  • Defeat Mercer Frey during the course of the mission.
  • Loot Mercer Frey for the Skeleton Key.

Talk to Brynjolf

First, you must Talk to Brynjolf, a member of the Thieves Guild, at the Riften Marketplace in Riftindicated by the red marker on the map above.

Brynjolf will approach you as soon as you enter the market. He will ask you to complete the mission, a chance arrangement. To begin your quest for the Skeleton Key, accept the questline in the Thieves Guild main quest line, which includes:

  • a chance arrangement
  • Take care of business
  • Loud and clear
  • moistened spirits
  • The scoundrel’s madness
  • speaking with silence
  • Hard Answers
  • The chasing
  • restored trinity
  • blind
  • the darkness returns
  • under new management
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It will take some time to get the master key, which will be available during the Blindsighted quest, so be patient!

Travel to Irkngthand

Irkngthand is an ancient Dwemer ruin located west of windhelmindicated by the yellow marker on the map above.

Once you reach Irkngthand, follow these steps:

  1. Make your way to the ruins and defeat a group of bandits.
  2. Once inside, loot the chests and go up the stairs.
  3. Turn right and reach the hall with the dwarf sphere.
  4. Use stealth to get past him or use a bow to take him out.
  5. Turn left and jump over the fence.
  6. when you reach flame towersslip between them.
  7. Once you reach the gate, head up the stairs to the main entrance.
  8. fight it dwarf spider
  9. Pull the lever next to the front door.

Find Mercer Frey

A new area should be unlocked where you can talk karliah. Do so and follow her and Brynjolf, avoiding the traps to finally find mercer freythe treacherous thief who possesses the master key.

  1. Follow the stairs to the hallway.
  2. Pull both levers on opposite sides of the door as fast as possible.
  3. Go up the stairs to the ruined tower.
  4. once you reach dwarf centurionfight or run away from him.
  5. Next, move to the area with the Frozen spiders.
  6. fight another dwarf spider by the stairs.
  7. Once inside the cave, fight or sneak. Chaurus and Falmer.
  8. At the end, go through the door that leads to the Irkngthand Shrine.

Defeat Mercer Frey

Inside the sanctuary, you will meet Mercer Frey again, who will use spells against your companions, causing them to fight each other.

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From this point, ignore your followers and rely only on your own abilities to defeat Mercer Frey:

  • Wear detect life or the whisper of aura Dragon Shout to spot Mercer Frey, who is using Invisibility.
  • The best sword against Frey is wind shear, obtained from “Hail Sithis!” quest given by the Night Mother of the Dark Brotherhood.
  • If you play as a wizard, summon Atronachsthat he can see Mercer Frey through his Invisibility.
  • If you play as an archer, use energy shot to do the most damage.
  • The most effective dragon cry against Frey is relentless forceObtained from the quest “Jurgen Windcaller’s Horn” given by Arngier at High Hrothgar Monastery in Tamriel.

Once Mercer Frey is defeated, loot his body for the master key and other items.

Escape from Irkngthand

At this point, the cave will start to flood. Here’s how to escape:

  1. Wait for the water to reach the top of the statue.
  2. The rock above the statue will fall.
  3. You should see a new opening above
  4. Go through the new opening

In the end, you should end up inside the Bronze Water Cave.

keep the master key

At the end of the quest, Karliah will tell you to return the Master Key to the Twilight Sepulchre. You can continue with this if you want to complete the Thieves Guild Quest Chainor you can keep the Unbreakable Lockpick by ignoring the rest of the quests in the quest line.

It is recommended to keep the master key, so now you will have an unbreakable lock pick and never have to buy lock picks again, but that is of course up to you!

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That’s all you need to know about how to set the Unbreakable Lockpick. skyrim. For more skyrim tips and tricks articlesvisit our dedicated hub page.

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