Skyrim’s huge Summerset Isle mod just got a whole lot bigger with the SE release

The Skyrim Summerset Isle mod, first released in 2015, is among the most ambitious mod projects for one of the best RPGs out there, offering a DLC-sized expansion that takes players to the Elder Scrolls island. , home of the Altmer, in a series of quests that follows the College of Winterhold quest line from the Bethesda game. Now, the mod has arrived in Skyrim: Special Edition, and its creator promises eight times the content of the original version.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Summerset Isle is a creator mod that you shouldn’t be here. It includes an extensive list of features, with the new version including 176 missions (up from 61 in the original mod release) in over 200 detectable locations including 40 cities, towns, and villages. It also promises over 800 fully voiced NPCs, two companions and one follower, custom music, weapons and gear, new ingredients to harvest and food to make with them, and a total of 37 new spells across multiple schools of magic.

Along with all of the additional content introduced in the new release, this updated Summerset Isle also includes more diverse interiors (including buildings and dungeons) and an improved follower system that has accompanying NPCs follow the player’s lead when deciding how to approach fights. .

Summerset Isle is designed to be a more challenging experience, with the description explaining that “not all markers will lead to quest destinations, you may need to use your map. Not all quests will have markers, you may have to listen to the dialogue or read your journal for clues.” He points out that not all quests are linear, meaning if you’re not following the journals and notes you find along the way, the quests can feel disjointed. It also promises plenty of references from previous entries in the Elder Scrolls series, including Oblivion, Morrowind, and Daggerfall.

If you want to explore Summerset Isle for yourself, you can find it at Nexus Mods. You’ll need approximately 2 GB of additional disk space to do this, and you must first become Archmage of Winterhold before you can take on the new quests.

We’ve got plenty more of the best Skyrim mods for you to browse through, if you’re looking for new ways to upgrade one of the best open world games on PC. The modding community has recently started a GoFundMe to help a notable Skyrim modder with a difficult medical situation. In the meantime, we’ve picked out even more great games like Skyrim if you feel like trying something completely new.

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