Sniper Elite 5: the list of trophies is available!

news tip Sniper Elite 5: the list of trophies is available!

What would a sniper be without a hunting board? If killing Nazis several hundred meters away without them even being able to see you isn’t enough for you, you will certainly want to turn to a little more difficult challenges. We therefore reveal the list of Sniper Elite 5 trophies.

Released on May 26, the new title of Rebellion challenges players to take on the role of Karl Fairburne once again to wreak havoc behind enemy lines. This time, the sniper will have to tread the coastal lands of France to facilitate the Allied landing, and above all to prevent the mysterious Kraken project from running. If this kind of challenge does not pose enough difficulty for you, the game has thought of you since Sniper Elite 5 offers no less than 54 trophies (44 bronze, 7 silver, 2 gold and 1 platinum) to unlock, of which we reveal the list below:

Table of Contents

Bronze trophies (44)

  • fierce resistance

    Weaken the Atlantic Wall and join Blue Viper.

  • Suspicions confirmed

    Attack the Château de Beauregard and find out where Möller’s office is.

  • Awakening of the Kraken

    Infiltrate the interior of Beaumont-Saint-Denis and discover the secrets of Operation Kraken.

  • Chest driller

    Destroy the Operation Kraken production facility in Martressac.

  • To change the channel

    Destroy the stealth submarine prototype hidden in Festung Guernsey.

  • revenge

    Liberate Ponts-sur-Douve and secure the Allied transport routes.

  • Operation America

    Destroy the V2 launch sites and discover the target of Operation Kraken.

  • Sleep of the Kraken

    Prevent Operation Kraken and sink his fleet.

  • Detailed work

    Complete 16 optional objectives.

  • Opposing force

    Win an invasion as the Axis forces.

  • enemy at the gates

    Eliminate a Jager sniper.

  • field of honor

    Join and complete a PvP game in team mode.

  • Organ grinders

    Hit all possible organs at least once with a rifle.

  • Fine strategist

    Force a tank to aim and destroy another enemy vehicle.

  • Gun Master

    Obtain six Pistol-related Mastery Medals.

  • Secondary Weapons Master

    Obtain six Secondary Weapon Mastery Medals.

  • Gun Master

    Obtain six Rifle-related Mastery Medals.

  • Fine trigger

    Kill 150 enemies with a pistol.

  • skirmish king

    Kill 300 enemies with a secondary weapon.

  • Sniper

    Kill 350 enemies with a rifle.

  • Saboteur

    Kill 50 enemies with traps.

  • Precision target

    Kill 150 enemies using the weapon’s sights.

  • Without glasses

    Kill 150 enemies with a rifle using the crosshairs.

  • Explosive Surprise

    Kill 20 enemies with homemade traps.

  • We are going to play

    Kill 50 enemies with heavy weapons.

  • Explosive efficiency

    Kill 3 foot soldiers with a grenade.

  • lord of war

    Kill enemies with 20 different weapons.

  • Nutcracker

    With a rifle, perform a shot in the testicles at a distance of more than 100 meters.

  • Improvisation

    Kill 50 enemies with picked up weapons.

  • The Geist

    Get 250 ghost kills.

  • Total discretion

    Kill 50 enemies while concealing your shots.

  • Close combat

    Get 100 melee kills.

  • poisonous snake

    Kill 50 enemies while hidden in tall grass.

  • Kisses from Paris

    Collect 41 personal letters.

  • Top secret

    Collect 39 secret documents.

  • Collector

    Collect 24 hidden objects.

  • Sharp eye

    Destroy 24 sniper targets.

  • scrapping

    Destroy Möller’s brand new car.

  • Rail disaster

    In Martressac, create an accident to destroy the train in the storage area.

  • In the white of the eyes

    Neutralize in melee the three snipers defending the bridge.

  • Car breakers

    In the Research Complex mission, find and destroy one vehicle of each type.

  • With full lungs

    Shoot the explosive charge at the end of the Saint-Nazaire mission without emptying your lungs.

  • The brains of the operation

    Kill Möller with a headshot.

  • In the line of sight

    Kill Möller with a rifle using the crosshairs.

Silver trophies (7)

  • The ball always wins

    Kill Möller with a rifle from a distance of 600 meters or more.

  • Work your way up

    Reach rank 40.

  • just a scratch

    Complete a mission (except “A Few Things to Work Out”) on any difficulty without healing.

  • Master of arms

    Become a master in the handling of all weapons.

  • Over the distance

    Reach a total distance of 100,000 meters by accumulating your eliminations.

  • Handyman

    Use 24 workbenches.

  • Aim for the moon

    Complete three survival missions.

Gold trophies (2)

  • Freedom

    Complete the campaign.

  • The best of the best

    Complete the campaign on “Authentic” difficulty.

Platinum Trophy (1)

  • sniper master

    Obtain all trophies.

Summary of our complete guide to Sniper Elite 5

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