Sonic 3 Producer Confirms Michael Jackson Worked on Soundtrack

Michael Jackson reportedly working on the Sonic 3 soundtrack has been an urban myth in gaming for decades. Blue blur fans have been trying to confirm if that was the case for years, and today former Sega boss Yuji Naka seems to have confirmed the legend with nothing more than a short tweet.

“Oh my gosh Sonic 3’s music has changed even though SEGA Official uses Michael Jackson’s music,” Naka tweeted (via nibellion). The former Sega boss has clearly been playing Sonic Origins, which launched on multiple platforms around the world just hours ago. Earlier today, Naka questioned whether the music for Sonic 3 had been changed from the original for the sake of the new collection.


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The answer to that question is yes, and it’s been a point of contention ever since the news was revealed shortly before the release of Origins. No one can decide who exactly owns the rights to the game’s soundtrack, and that means the music you hear when you play Sonic 3 in Origins this week may sound a little different. The now confirmed inclusion of MJ in the composition of that soundtrack could go some way to explaining why the Sonic 3 music rights are in such a state all these years later.

If you weren’t already aware that MJ’s connection to Sonic 3 has been something hedgehog fans have been turning to for years, you need look no further than the responses to Naka and Nibellion’s posts. After discussing and researching the gaming legend for over 28 years, fans know nothing to see someone who would know for sure one way or another just tweeting like it’s common knowledge.

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MJ was presumably a great player. Not only did he have a huge collection of arcade cabinets, he even had a video game of his own, Moonwalker. As for that altered music, I hope it doesn’t bother you too much while trying to play Sonic 3. You can always play the OST separately as you go, now equipped with the knowledge that Michael Jackson had a hand in its composition.

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