‘Sonic’ Creator Seemingly Confirms Michael Jackson Worked On ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 3’ Soundtrack

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A key figure in the creation of the classic video game Sonic the Hedgehog has apparently confirmed a long-standing rumor that Michael Jackson contributed to the soundtrack of the third part of 1994, sonic the hedgehog 3. As for why Jackson was supposedly chosen by Sega to help with the music, and not the ’90s band Blur, we still don’t know.

Yuji Naka was the lead programmer for the original. Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis, according to Sonic Wiki. Today is Sonic’s birthday; 31 years to the day the game came out on June 23, 1991, as many fans of the chili-dog-loving mammal celebrated on Thursday, We Got This Covered previously reported.

Coinciding with Blue Blur’s birthday was the launch of sonic origins on most modern consoles. The game is a bundle of the first four main Sonic games, including sonic the Sea urchin, sonic the hedgehog 2, sonic the hedgehog cdY sonic the hedgehog 3 and knuckles. The latter game is the soundtrack to which Jackson supposedly contributed.

Two weeks ago, Katie Chrzanowski, social media manager for Sonic the Hedgehog, confirmed the sonic 3 the re-release would not use “all of the original sounds from the Sega Genesis version of the game”, according to an interview with Tails’ Channel, a Sonic news Twitter account.

This bit of news of track replacements immediately caught the attention of fans as a tacit acknowledgment by Sega that the rumor that Jackson contributed tracks in sonic 3in an uncredited capacity, it was actually true all along.

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Even Naka took to Twitter to comment on the situation, saying, “Does Sonic Origins Sonic 3 have a different song?”

Naka followed up that Tweet with a comment that some took as proof positive that Jackson contributed to the original music for sonic 3which was later replaced by sonic origins relaunching

“OMG, Sonic 3’s music has changed, even though SEGA Official uses Michael Jackson’s music.”

However, take the above comment with a grain of salt. It may not be the unequivocal acknowledgment of Jackson’s involvement in sonic 3 what does it look like

Naka explained in a subsequent tweet that when he said “SEGA Official uses Michael Jackson’s music,” he was referring to a TikTok the company made that used Jackson’s instrumental of “Billie Jean,” a tune that is definitely not part of the song. sonic 3 soundtrack.

The TikTok in question is pretty fun, despite the somewhat questionable taste of using a Jackson song, given all the controversy. It featured Sonic struggling to grab a hot cup of coffee to the soundtrack of Jackson’s trademark vocal scatter while the blue spot’s own exasperated declarations.

Naka also expressed concern that his tweets may be “misunderstood” due to “using a translation tool” to post in English, which is not a language he normally speaks. This would seem to indicate that Naka is trying to curb expectations about his initial tweet and warn others not to misunderstand his words.

Although Sega has yet to officially acknowledge Jackson’s alleged involvement in the sonic 3 soundtrack, everything seems to indicate that this is true, given everything we know about the situation, with this latest change in the sonic origins the soundtrack iteration is just the latest example.

For example, although Jackson was not credited in the Genesis game, several of his frequent collaborators were, including C. Circocco Jones, Bobby Brooks, Geoff Grace, Brad Buxer, Doug Grigsby III, and Darryl Ross. Three of the aforementioned six instrumentalists claimed that Jackson actually worked on the game, according to a 2016 article in The Huffington Post. The musicians also claimed that Jackson not only worked on the game, but that his music also made it into the final release.

Specifically, the music tracks that were replaced on sonic origins include music for sonic 3 levels Carnival Night, Ice Cap, and Launch Base, according to a breakdown on YouTube channel GameXplain.

The music taking the place of tracks allegedly composed by Jackson are revamped versions of some early beta compositions from composer Jun Senoue’s 1993 era that never left the cutting room — until now, according to VG247.

That same article explained that many have long believed that Jackson was collaborating with Sega to contribute to the sonic 3 soundtrack when initial child abuse allegations about the pop star surfaced. The public courtroom drama and controversy involving Jackson led the video game company to remove his name from the credits, but apparently not his music, or so goes one of several theories.

According to the article, “Sega’s official line remains that Jackson’s contribution to sonic 3It was never formally announced, it didn’t even exist.”

Over the years, people have also compared the game’s tracks to some of Jackson’s own songs, such as the Carnival Night Zone track resembling parts of Jackson’s song “Jam”, among other examples.

Regardless, you can get sonic origins now and decide for yourself if replacement tracks are up to the task; the collection is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X/S/One and PC.

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