Sonic Frontiers: in the midst of postponements, SEGA stays the course for 2022

Game News Sonic Frontiers: in the midst of postponements, SEGA stays the course for 2022

While the studios are announcing many postponements in turn, Sega is going against the grain by affirming once again that Sonic Frontiers should not be postponed, despite the first mixed feedback from the community.

Sonic is still aiming for 2022

2022 is on its way and the most anticipated games of the year keep getting pushed back again and again.
After the postponement of Hogwarts Legacy was announced, players are starting to wonder if all the titles planned for this year will end up being pushed back to 2023. All of them? No, because a team of indomitable developers still and always resists the trend. Scheduled for the end of the year, Sonic Frontiers should indeed arrive on time, as confirmed again by the management of SEGA. It was during a recent Q&A session after the first quarter 2022 fiscal report that the studio wanted to once again confirm its plans for the return of the blue hedgehog.

We are not considering any postponements (of Sonic Frontiers) at this stage. Regarding communication with users, we want to be as transparent as possible about the progress of development in order to establish a relationship of trust with our users (…) Sonic is a flagship license that we will sell over the long term. , which we will continue to strengthen over the next fiscal year. We have high expectations for Sonic Frontiers due out next winter.

These statements show great ambitions, but also the enormous expectation that SEGA places in its next game. However, it must be said that recent feedback from the community is far from encouraging. Be that as it may, SEGA is betting on the success of Sonic, induced in particular by the success of the last film.

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Despite the criticism, a license still as popular?

As we know, the video game community is far from having reacted positively to the first gameplay videos of Sonic Frontiers, even going so far as to request a postponement of the game. A reaction “not really surprising” for Takashi Iizuka, producer of the game, who felt that the players “did not understand what they were seeing”.

Despite everything, SEGA remains imperturbable and firmly believes in its game. An almost blind confidence, which is partly explained by the popularity of the blue hedgehog, especially after the colossal success of the second Sonic movie. For the management of SEGA, the success of the film should have a significant impact on the sales of Sonic Frontiers.

With the previous film, sales of Sonic titles increased and the release of the film positively affected the license. We expect the same effect with the last film which outperformed the previous one, and while we seek to extend the influence of the license on the public, we also aim for success for this new game.

Before its release, Sonic Frontiers is expected to appear in detail during Gamescom at the end of the month. Thereafter, the game is planned on PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch for the current of next winter. A first release date was also leaked last July.

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