Sonos Move sales: the queen of wireless speakers reaches a very nice price

News good plan Sonos Move sales: the queen of wireless speakers reaches a very nice price

With the Sonos Move, the sound will follow you wherever you go! During these summer sales, Son-Vidéo lowers its price, making it even more interesting than before.

The Sonos Move is on sale for the 2022 summer sales at Son-Vidéo!

At the moment, Son-Vidéo is offering price reductions on many products.

Not all of them are sales, like this portable bluietooth speaker Sonos Move which loses 20 € on its initial price which was already excellent!

It thus goes to only 379 € instead of 399 €.

Buy the Sonos Move for €379 at Son-Vidéo

Sonos Move: the queen of Bluetooth speakers

Sound quality is important. Once you’ve tasted good headphones, a good soundbar or a good quality speaker, going back will be impossible.

Listening to your favorite music, favorite movie or a thrilling series with good sound is essential.

For immersion first. Hearing the creaking of the floor in a horror movie as if you were there, will not give you the same sensations as if you have the impression that it is the sound that creaks.

And if you’ve ever let yourself be carried away by music, then imagine being able to do it everywhere and simply.

This is where portable Bluetooth speakers come in and mainly this queen of its own: the Sonos Move.

Easily controllable on iOS and Android, you can connect to it both via Wifi and Bluetooth and even control it by voice if you feel like it.

  • Connected to Wifi, it will be able to play all the music shared on your local network, but also those present on the various connected devices of its user! And that’s without counting on the thousands of internet radio stations and music services such as Deezer or Spotify.
  • With its multiroom features, you can also combine it with Sonos AirPlay 2 compatible devices to enjoy stereo sound or listen to your music anywhere in your home.
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Indoors, it will work perfectly on mains. But its advantage is that it can also operate on battery power with a range of 10 hours!

  • The little extra: you can even take it next to your swimming pool or at the beach thanks to its iP56 certification!

Buy the Sonos Move for €379 at Son-Vidéo

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