Sony sales: the new headphones have just been released and they are already on sale!

News good plan Sony sales: the new headphones have just been released and they are already on sale!

Sony has become in a few years the reference in terms of noise reduction headphones. The brand’s latest has just arrived and Rakuten is already on it with a special sales discount.

Sound sales: already €50 less for the Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones

the XM5 is beautiful, it has just been released, it prides itself on being better and boom! Already a discount that can be found on Rakuten, to save 50€ on Sony’s new baby. it’s quite unexpected and if you’re looking for the best headphones, this might be the one.

Buy the Sony XM5 at 344€ at Rakuten

Don’t worry about the seller, it’s a safe bet and for the sales, it’s an opportunity to calm down on public transport with a device that will last over time.

The price of the Sony WH-1000XM5 goes from €399 to €344.

The new best wireless headphones in the world?

With the XM3, Sony has struck a blow. With the XM4, Sony has perfected what was already working very well. But this time, it was so much to change things on the side of the Japanese firm. It all starts with the design.

The previous two versions couldn’t be more similar, and the XM5 changes everything. There are more refined arches and headphones with slightly larger pads to accommodate the ears more comfortably.

In terms of sound quality, we were already at the top so not a lot of improvements at that level. On the other hand, where the XM5 shines even more is on the active noise reduction. Sony has improved it further, so that sound is picked up by the headphones through mics (which are twice as many) and canceled before they reach your ears.

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A headset is also calls, and thanks to the improved microphones, the quality is drastically improved. Be careful though, it is no longer foldable, so it will take up a little more space in transport.

The battery remains unchanged but is still good. The XM5 can be counted on for around 30 hours, more than enough to cover an entire long-haul flight or several weeks of occasional use.

Buy the Sony XM5 at 344€ at Rakuten

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