SoulCalibur 6 included in PS Now: defeat all your opponents with our complete guide!

news tip SoulCalibur 6 included in PS Now: defeat all your opponents with our complete guide!

The reference fighting game, SoulCalibur VI is pleased to open its doors to all PS Now subscribers at no additional cost since the beginning of May! If you want to get started in this game with demanding combos, we offer you a complete guide to improve yourself.

Six years after the release of its predecessor, SoulCalibur VI has arrived on our consoles as the rebirth of the license. With its lively and nervous gameplay, its new techniques like the Reversal Edge and its new game modes like the Balance of the Soul mode, the fighting game has established itself in the arena. Now it returns to the limelight by becoming available to all PlayStation Now subscribers at no additional cost.. So, if you want to familiarize yourself with this kind of games and finally beat all your opponents, we offer you a complete guide of SoulCalibur VI!


  • What is this gibberish?
  • Did you say Geralt de Riv?
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What is this gibberish?

If you’ve never played a fighting game like SoulCalibur VI, even reading a guide could be an insurmountable difficulty. Before diving into ours, we suggest you go read our SoulCalibur VI glossary to fully understand the rest of the guide. Thanks to the latter, you will understand more easily the way in which the combos and the keys of the game are noted, essential to be able to learn to play.

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Did you say Geralt de Riv?

SoulCalibur 6 included in PS Now: defeat all your opponents with our complete guide!

In SoulCalibur VI, you will have the choice between twenty different characters. With such a diverse roster, you might find it a bit difficult to choose who interests you, and who you want to master. While we of course advise you to play each of the characters to find out for yourself which gameplay appeals to you the most, we have also prepared a guide for each character in order to go further and learn to master them:

We do not have the same values

SoulCalibur 6 included in PS Now: defeat all your opponents with our complete guide!

Of course, who says PlayStation game, says unlockable trophies! If you can’t seem to play a game without craving your platinum trophy, we’ve prepared a list of available trophies for you in SoulCalibur VI. What to give you an idea in advance of what you will have to do. Be careful though, the hidden trophies section obviously contains spoilers!

Contents of Soul Calibur VI Guides

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