Soundbars: 3 Samsung models from 2022 to perfect your TV experience

News hardware Soundbars: 3 Samsung models from 2022 to perfect your TV experience

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Like all audio products developed in Samsung’s California Lab by a team of acoustic experts, soundbars promise a sound experience that makes a difference. Here are three cutting-edge template ideas to make your AV setup sing, depending on your budget.

Q-Series HW-Q600B – As immersive as it is affordable

We start with the most amazing for such a value for money. The Q600B delivers real Dolby Atmos sound and DTS:Xfrom ‘599€ only. Features often reserved for high-end, such as vertical effects, for a minimum price.

Perfect for watch movies and series among other things, the Q600B has 9 speakers including an central which makes it possible to clearly hear the dialogues. Furthermore, the Acoustic Beam technology completes the sound experience to perfectly transcribe the three-dimensional sound effects. Hear the sounds of a fighter jet with precision with the latest Top Gun. The soundbar comes with a wireless subwoofer included for deep bass, ideal for livening up your evenings.

If your TV is a Samsung QLED or NEO QLED, take advantage of the technology Q-Symphony 2.0 which will sync – thus add – your TV’s speakers with those of your Q-Series soundbar.

Gamers will be able to take advantage of all the games since the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch generation in Pro game mode automatic, which will come enhance the gaming experience adaptively.

S-Series HW-S800B – Ultra-thin and extremely powerful

Soundbars: 3 Samsung models from 2022 to perfect your TV experience

resolutely smart buying of this selection, the S800B stands out for its ultra-thin size of only 3.8cm tall. Available in two colors, black Where White, its sleek and modern design will discreetly complement your interior. Its finesse is even more astonishing with a wall installation.

For 749€ excluding current offers, enjoy powerful and immersive sound in Dolby Atmos thanks to vertical speakers dedicated. For the first time, you no longer need to connect your soundbar to your TV via an HDMI cable. You can benefit from Dolby Atmos technology wireless via Wi-Fi. Add to that a subwooferhim too wirelessfor gripping bass like in the cinema.

Combining sound power and connectivity, the S800B is perfect for listening to music. Compatible Airplay 2, Chromecast and Spotify Connect, share your content quickly and easily.

Q-Series HW-Q990B: Ultimate Sound Excellence

Soundbars: 3 Samsung models from 2022 to perfect your TV experience

At the very top of the range, the Q990B incorporates all the technologies and features of previous soundbars: Samsung’s flagship soundbar deploys sound via 22 speakers (!) for more precision, at a recommended price excluding current offers 1599€.

The soundbar comes with two rear speakers for 360° sound with vertical and side speakers and one 8” subwoofer wireless. Even if she winks at cinephiles keen on special sound effects, it adapts, like the other two bars presented here, to all other uses such as music, series, films and of course video games.

For more information on all current offers and benefits, visit the official Samsung website.

All soundbars on Samsung’s site

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