Space Strategy Game Paradox Arc Stardeus Ready For Steam Early Access

Paradox Arc space strategy game Stardeus hopes to follow in the footsteps of other colony sims like RimWorld, Factorio, and Oxygen Not Included to be among the best simulation games on PC when it launches on Steam Early Access this October. Coming from Lithuanian developer Kodo Linija as part of Paradox’s new independent publishing initiative, Stardeus is a space-based management game that positions you as an immortal AI exploring a vast procedural universe.

Paradox Interactive’s new Arc publishing initiative aims to bring games from small studios “that capture the Paradox DNA” to market, following in the footsteps of their own big names, including Stellaris, Europa Universalis and Cities: Skylines. Stardeus puts you in the shoes of a new AI tasked with building and managing a starship: you will oversee a combination of robots, drones, and human workers to manage the construction and maintenance of the intergalactic colony ship.

You’ll need to build a range of machinery and automate your production lines to run your ship efficiently, while dealing with “any issues that may arise from external catastrophes or the unreliable nature of free will colonists.” Along with its procedurally generated environment, Stardeus hopes to offer “emergent storytelling via an in-game story generator” as well as full modding support and customization tools.

Stardeus launches on Steam Early Access on October 12. It currently includes a ‘Shipwrecked’ scenario, the main focus for new beginners, which includes the in-game tutorial, as well as a ‘Leaving Earth’ scenario to offer a more unique starting setup, and a ‘Sandbox’ scenario offering “sandbox building”. unrestricted ships. .” There is also modding support right out of the box. Kodo Linija says that he expects early access to last “2-3 years or more.”

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You can watch the early access trailer for Stardeus below:

You can also follow the development of the game live on the developer’s Twitch channel, where they do some of their work on the game during live streams.

In other Paradox news, the Stellaris Toxoids pack introduces a new poisonous faction to one of the best space games on PC, while the Europa Universalis 4 DLC Lions of the North adds new Baltic Sea-themed content to one of the best space games on PC. great strategy. you can play right now.

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