‘Spider-Man’ Fans Share the Opinions That Will Send Them to The Raft

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Weather Spiderman is the most recognizable character in Marvel’s superhero lineup, people still have interesting opinions that could have their faces in print in the Daily Bugle. But regardless, fans were brave enough to share them anyway, making fans either support or split.

On r/Spiderman, Reddit user u/Regime-leader asked which fan Spiderman opinions that would end up being killed by Bully Maguire. Unfortunately, the post was removed by the moderators of the subreddit. But fans were still able to weigh in before his elimination.

If you read the comments below the post, most of them would probably start a war against other die-hard fans. No wonder why the moderators removed the post. An unpopular opinion shared was that Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man is not the “most comical and accurate” portrayal of the web-slinging hero. The only reason fans say that is because Maguire’s Spidey is “much loved by fans.”

This later led to a debate among fans about what counts as “comic book accuracy”, as fans came to Maguire’s defense. While others shared who they thought was “exact from the comic.”

Another fan gave a very long list of all his unpopular Spider-man opinions, criticizing every live action. Spiderman movie ever made and upcoming titles like Kraven the Hunter. This Reddit user didn’t stop at movies alone. They also targeted video games.

But most of the comments below the post cast shade on Sam Raimi. Spiderman trilogy. From love interest to movie making to almost the entire trilogy, these Spidey fans have something to say about it.

In general, despite constantly hearing how good the Spiderman movies were, there will be people out there who won’t enjoy those titles. And it’s fair, these movies are subjective. But nobody expected a large number of fans who were against the original. Spiderman trilogy. Maybe it was a good thing the post was removed.

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