Splatoon 3 Splatfest has a bug, but Nintendo has a fix

“The shells obtained before voting can disappear”

WHATplatoon 3 A Splatfest error has been detected: but the good news is that Nintendo has officially recognized itand has provided a workaround.

Here’s Nintendo’s full summary: “An error was found in Splatoon 3 in which conches obtained before voting can disappear and will not count towards the results of the Splatfest”. And here’s the workaround: “To avoid this issue, we recommend that players vote in Splatfest before collecting shells.”

So breaking this Basically, you just want to choose your side in Splatfest right away or as soon as possible before playing the matches.. After that, everything you earn will be in order. Nintendo notes that the bug “will be fixed in the future,” so thankfully it’s only for this particular Splatfest. Again, this only applies to the event taking place this weekend.

In any case, it’s good to see Nintendo pounce on these issues quickly, before they get out of hand. The first few weeks of support can be crucial in maintaining a long-term player base, and I look forward to any “long-term solutions” they have for Splatfest 4v2v2 Tricolor matches. The pre-launch event was pretty much the only shaky experience I’ve had with this game, so if they can pull it off, they can add some momentum.

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