Spy Kids Reboot Officially Introduces Gina Rodriguez and Zachary Levi

Netflix has officially cast Gina Rodriguez and Zachary Levi as the main leads for the upcoming spy kids restart. The popular family-oriented spy franchise began in 2001. With director Robert Rodriguez at the helm, the original spy kids films starring Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Alexa PenaVega and Darly Sabara. All together, in collaboration, they formed the main members of the famous Cortez family.

spy kids had an incredible run at the box office after its theatrical debut. In total, the classic films grossed more than $300 million worldwide while at the same time having to work within restrictive, low-budget media. This is not the first opportunity for director Robert Rodríguez to bring back the beloved spy kids Serie. He tried to restart the franchise in 2011 with a new family at the helm, starring Jessica Alba and Joel McHale.


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Unfortunately, the Spy Kids: All the Time in the World received the worst reviews the franchise has experienced thus far, with the lowest box office performance to match. However, despite all these setbacks, the spy kids The franchise is ready to come back better than ever. At the time the reboot was announced, fans weren’t sure if any of the original cast members would return. Now, it has been revealed that the next sky children reboot is starting over with a clean slate, complete with a new family. Deadline has recently reported that jane the virgin star Gina Rodriguez and Shazam! star Levi will play the former spy parents in the film. The two leads will be joined on screen by their co-stars Everly Carganilla and Connor Esterson, who will play their children.

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It had already been confirmed earlier this year that Robert Rodriguez had officially signed a deal with Netflix to attempt a reboot. spy kids one last time. It was also revealed that Robert Rodriguez had signed on as a writer and director for the latest installment. The first plot details were also shared with fans following the casting announcement.

The new spy kids The film takes place after the children of secret agents accidentally end up helping a power-hungry game developer unleash a computer virus on the world of the web. This ends up giving you complete control and access over all waves of technology. The virus becomes the catalyst for the children to reincarnate as spies and help their parents save the world.

Although a release date has yet to be revealed, it’s safe to say that fans are eagerly awaiting to see the family of spies back in action.

the spy kids The reboot is in development at Netflix.

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Source: Deadline

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