Squad update 3.0 sends in the marines

Squad Update 3.0 is sending out the Marines, at last. The latest patch for the milsim multiplayer game adds amphibious forces, including the marines themselves and their specialized vehicles, which are capable of crossing deep bodies of water. But that’s just the beginning of Squad’s latest big update.

The Squad 3.0 update adds the new Marine Forces player faction, granting access to seven new vehicles (and variants) and five new weapons. The vehicles include the AAVP-7A1 armored personnel carrier, the AAVC-7A1 command/logistics vehicle, and the LAV-25 armored reconnaissance vehicle. All of these can be tackled and used to cross large bodies of deep water, opening up new tactical options on several of the Squad maps.

Developer Offworld Industries says several of Squad’s existing vehicles can be used to ford streams and rivers, but make sure you’re in something that’s up to the task – “less rugged” transports will slow to a crawl in the water and ultimately be flooded

Update 3.0 also adds a new map called Black Coast. It is set on the shores of the Black Sea and focuses on amphibious assault and defense. One team departs from an aircraft carrier located far from the coast, so the new waterproof vehicles will be crucial in establishing a beachhead.

With all these amphibious maneuvers going on, it’s no surprise that update 3.0 also adds a dirty new feature: Soldier uniforms will now have mud built up on their foreheads, so you’ll be able to see when someone’s been crawling on the ground. . .

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The patch notes have the full details. Update 3.0 for Squad is now available.

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