Square Enix wants to make “story-focused” NFTs

Although Square Enix admits that it is too early to make Final Fantasy blockchain games.

Despite being pretty much dead and buried at this point, Square Enix is ​​moving forward with its plans to incorporate NFT and blockchain technology into its future titles. While we don’t really know what these plans will come to fruition at this point, and Square Enix most likely doesn’t either, the company plans to do story-focused NFTs in the future and create blockchain games based on Final. Fantasy and quest for the dragon.


All this according to the company’s 2022 Shareholders Meeting Report (translated by Siliconera) outlining plans to create NFTs and implement blockchain technology in its games. While Square Enix admits that it is not yet ready to use blockchain technology in upcoming Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest titles, it is including them as part of its “medium term” strategy. What these games will look like or how they will use the blockchain is anyone’s guess.

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However, the most puzzling part of Square Enix’s report is their plans to create “story-focused” NFTs, whatever that means. You’ll have a hard time finding average gamers who like the idea of ​​NFTs in their games, and studios that dare reveal NFTs based on much-loved properties are met with intense criticism. Square Enix likely believes it will succeed where other publishers have failed by trying to make NFTs look more appealing, though most of us can see where this plan is headed.

One would think that with the collapse of cryptocurrencies and the guaranteed backlash on social media, game publishers would finally phase out NFTs, but there are still some who are pretty determined. A recent example is the reveal of a King of Fighters NFT set that SNK recently approved. As is the case with most stories about NFT, fans of the franchise immediately criticized the announcement, accusing the project of being a scam, and reacting in a way that almost everyone except SNK could predict. Maybe they’ll learn one day.

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