Stans from ‘Stranger Things’ discuss the series’ biggest badass

Image via Netflix

The many protagonists of Strange things They don’t get enough credit. To achieve what they have achieved, even to attempt what they have achieved, requires iron-forged guts and levels of bravery that flirt with sheer stupidity.

In fact, Hawkins has found a particularly badass group among his citizens, but who among them is the baddest? We turned to none other than ar/StrangerThings for a conclusive answer.

The launcher fielded five candidates from our beloved Upside Down gang of rebels to take the crown, consisting of Jim Hopper, Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler, Erica Sinclair, and of course, Eleven.

Many were quick to vote for Hopper; considering that he went toe to toe with a Demogorgon using nothing but Conan the Barbarian’s sword, it’s pretty hard to disagree.

One user, in particular, pointed out that Hopper had a much more tumultuous life than most of the others (save for just Eleven, maybe), as he lost his family and served in Vietnam, and is still able to do what he does.

Another user added Eleven and Nancy to the Hopper-dominated mix, noting feats like shooting down a helicopter, illegally manufacturing a sawed-off shotgun, and confronting Vecna ​​face-to-face and fighting back.

One user gave a shout out to Max, who was conspicuously absent from the initial release; fighting for life at death’s gate only to agree to be used as bait for said gate later requires astronomical levels of courage.

Every group of badass needs a few mainstays, and the Hawkins gang has more than their fair share. We will see how many are left standing once the fifth season of Strange things It’s finally coming to Netflix.

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