Star Ocean The Divine Force: Square Enix’s next role-playing chapter finds a release date

Game News Star Ocean The Divine Force: Square Enix’s next role-playing chapter finds a release date

The latest installment in the Square Enix franchise, Star Ocean: The Divine Force marks the return of the Japanese role-playing game and even gives us a release date through this new trailer. And that’s for this year!

The divine force is back

The Star Ocean license was born from a first episode released in 1996 in Japan on Super Nintendo and since then has been available around five titles until the latest named Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, released in July 2016. The year last, on the evening of a certain October 27, PlayStation gave us an appointment with the return of the State of Play. On the program, several announcements around PlayStation titles signed by third-party publishers including Square Enix announcing the arrival of a next big title. While everyone was waiting for Final Fantasy XVI with a firm footing, Star Ocean: The Divine Force created a surprise and revealed itself through a first trailer.

Yesterday, the developer Tri-Ace and the publisher Square Enix organized a special event entirely dedicated to this new opus.. Nearly 40 minutes in the company of Subaru Kimura, the Japanese dubbing actor of the protagonist Raymond, during which were revealed lots of information about the game system as well as a release date.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force is scheduled for October 27, 2022, the day after its Japanese release, and will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and on PC via Steam.

At the crossroads of two heroes

Star Ocean: The Divine Force features two protagonists : Raymond Lawrenceon the one hand, a young captain of the merchant ship Ydas and Laetitia Aucerius, on the other hand, the princess of the kingdom of Aucerius. Through its double scenario, it will be possible to alternate between the two characters and discover a combat system revisited by the integration of special attacks and combos, among others.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force features an original story with two individual scenarios and multiple playable characters, a one-of-a-kind combat system, and the freedom to soar through the skies and explore planets. Blending sci-fi and fantasy, this new action-RPG is packed with heart-pounding combat that will put you to the test with fast-paced 360-degree movement! Meet Raymond, who crashes his ship on an unknown planet and is immediately attacked by hostile natives. He is rescued by Laeticia, the crown princess of the kingdom of Aucerius. Together, the two protagonists will change the fate of the kingdom, and the consequences of their choices will be felt in all the galaxies… – Square Enix

Star Ocean The Divine Force: Square Enix's next role-playing chapter finds a release date

If the game will be available in its standard version, both physical and dematerialized, you will also be able to get your hands on a “Digital Deluxe” edition, including equipment sets as well as the soundtrack.

Finally, those who pre-order the game will be rewarded with a bonus containing two weapons exclusive to each protagonist : a longsword” Lionheart Blutgang “for Raymond and twin blades” Sparkling Nagelring for Laetitia.

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