Star Trek Discovery: Sonequa-Martin Green on Season 4’s Big Goodbye, Becoming a Captain, and Season 5 Sneak Peek

Star Trek has had its fair share of notable captains on the bridge over the years. The likes of Kirk, Picard and Janeway have become icons of pop culture. In the fourth season of Star Trek Discovery, it’s Michael Burnham’s turn to go bold and take a seat in the captain’s chair. It’s also been a long time coming, as Burnham has sailed to both the Mirror Universe and the distant 32nd Century in several smaller roles on Discovery, receiving more than a few slaps from Starfleet in the process.

Ahead of the UK launch of Paramount Plus, the new streaming service featuring all four seasons of Star Trek Discovery, we sat down with Burnham actor Sonequa Martin-Green in London to reminisce about the biggest moments from the fourth season. Along with her landmark moment (Martin-Green became the first black female lead to play a Star Trek captain in a live-action series), she mentions the importance of being a “fallible” captain, leaning on the shoulders of those who preceded her. , a bittersweet farewell, and setting up an “invigorating” fifth season.

The interview has been edited for length and clarity. Some Star Trek Season 4 Discovery spoilers follow.

star trek discovery

(Image credit: Paramount)

GR: The most important thing for season 4 is for Michael to become captain. What was that step forward for you both as an actor and as a character? Did you look to previous captains for inspiration or did you look more for the intent to blaze your own trail and be the first Michael Burnham, the first Sonequa Martin-Green?

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