Star Wars Andor: it only took one word for the Disney+ series to go down in history!

news culture Star Wars Andor: it only took one word for the Disney+ series to go down in history!

Once again, the universe imagined by George Lucas more than forty years ago continues to expand under the leadership of Disney. The day before yesterday, a new series, called Star Wars Andor, landed on the SVOD platform of the animation film giant to offer us a new dose of science fiction in a galaxy far, far away, while breaking with traditional codes. Artwork. The least we can say is that the show managed to erase the very smooth tone of the universe with the help of a single word!


  • A Disney+ series that risks Andor-mir us?
  • Star Wars Andor finally dared to say this word in episode 3!

A Disney+ series that risks Andor-mir us?

After making our mouths water with a spectacular final trailer, the series star wars andor is now available on Disney+ and, no doubt, fans have already flocked to it or will flock to it over the weekend. To prevent the series from being binge-watched in no time, Disney has only made available the first three episodes and will take a rhythm of one episode per week from September 28 with the broadcast of episode 4, and this during the eight remaining episodes. Besides, it’s not such a bad idea this weekly format since season 2 is not expected anytime soon on the platform! If you want to know more before you settle into your sofa, we summarize everything there is to know about the series in this article.

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Star Wars Andor: it only took one word for the Disney+ series to go down in history!

Despite some small reservations from the press and criticsthe show appears to be a refreshing and entertaining new excursion into the world of Star Wars. The editorial staff also gave their impressions on the series which comes to be inserted between the prelogy and the original trilogy and just before the very good film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story which depicted the perilous and tragic mission to the planet Scarif. Effective enough to mark the history of Star Wars ? It may be early to give a definite opinion, but it turns out to be in good shape for the moment and has already had a resounding impact for one of the most comical reasons!

Star Wars Andor finally dared to say this word in episode 3!

It will have escaped no one but, behind its story made up of twists and turns, tragedies, political issues and struggles between good and evil, the universe of Star Wars has always had a slick side avoiding bloodshed, despite blaster fire and the fearsome effectiveness of lightsabers. Just as the universe has refrained from portraying any sexualization and using crude or foul language. However, by producing a series with a darker, more mature tone and mood, star wars andor wanted to break away from this too clean image on her by daring to do what the universe of George Lucas had never dared to do in 45 years.

Everything happens during episode 3, already available on Disney +. While Sergeant Linus Mosk tries to do everything to stop Cassian Andor, the hero of the series, his plan fails. In a burst of frustration, the character even lets out a “ shit » (hashin English) : a first since, until now, Star Wars had always found a pirouette to replace swear words with expressions taken from the universe ! A rather surprising use when we know, for example, that it is a prohibited word on American television, a prohibition which the series made fun of South Park at the time.

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