Star Wars Andor: the Disney Plus series we’ve been waiting for? Feedback from the press and fans

news culture Star Wars Andor: the Disney Plus series we’ve been waiting for? Feedback from the press and fans

That’s it, the broadcast of Star Wars Andor started yesterday even on Disney Plus and inevitably, we had to expect the criticism to fall. And the good news is that this one seems pretty playful, from both the public and the press… Let’s go through this together.

Star Wars Andor, not a Jedi story

A quick reminder of the facts: Star Wars Andor is a series on Disney Plus made up of twelve episodes. The first three were suddenly released yesterday on the platform while the rest of the broadcast will be weekly. And if she was eagerly awaited, that’s because it’s meant to be a prequel to Rogue One, the much-loved spin-off released in theaters in 2015.

We therefore find a dark story of rebellion led by Cassian Andor (who we already saw in the feature film) and this time, the Jedi, lightsabers and the Skywalker family are not on the program: it is above all a question of a resistance which is organized against the oppression of the Empire on a gray planet, dusty and restrained by force. A concept that was already liked, here reiterated on Disney Plus. So what do the press and fans think?

A frankly positive reception, but

If you were already quoted some feedback from the American press a few days ago, a plethora of other opinions have just fallen, which allow a slightly more authentic account. On the fan side first, Andor seems to seduce: on Rotten Tomatoes, the series scores at the time of this writing with an 81% score. It’s pretty cool and the review is even more laudatory with an average of 88%.

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Star Wars Andor: the Disney Plus series we've been waiting for?  Feedback from the press and fans

Here is a small anthology of the English-speaking press, with however some reservations from time to time:

Between Luke Hull’s intricate production design, Nicholas Britell’s muscular score, Michael Wilkinson’s costume design, and Emma Scott’s hair and makeup, every world Cassian visits feels far more tangible and alive than most. “Star Wars” sets, which serve more to evoke future Disneyland rides. – Variety

Will it all be very compelling, like Rogue One did? Who knows, but through the four episodes sent to the press, Andor sometimes evokes the adjectives “different” and “good” (it’s often the first, sometimes the second); sometimes “interesting” and “entertaining” (it’s usually the first, more and more the second as you go). – The Hollywood Reporter

Showrunner Tony Gilroy proves that, more important than characters or iconography, the best Star Wars stories are those that don’t require relying on familiarity to succeed. He takes the ideas he started exploring with his work as a screenwriter on Rogue One and ventures even further into that niche, bringing the engaging story to the forefront of concept and allowing the story to develop at from there. –

Overall, Andor feels like a Star Wars series for more mature audiences. Beyond the intense unease of the geopolitical situation and the high stakes, it doesn’t shy away from including brothels and amorous interludes that make it clear that these characters are engaging in more intimate relationships. And yes, it’s worth celebrating, as the franchise has long been considered rather asexual with its avoidance of passion, kisses, and romantic relationships, even when they seem justified.

On the side of the French press, here is what it gives:

Andor thus develops the cogs of a machination that seems more colossal than ever in the Star Wars universe, especially thanks to the large expanses that the camera allows itself to film (and by putting the StageCraft a little in the closet). In short, a real proposal for a political spy story with unsuspected ramifications. It’s a pity that the start is so difficult, but we can’t wait to discover the rest. – Widescreen

In Andor’s script, we find Tony Gilroy, already co-author of the Rogue One script. Hence the same spirit, which pulls the saga towards more social realism, and probes the soul and intimacy of its characters, without neglecting the suspense and the great spectacle. – The Parisian

This new adventure doesn’t have much new to offer – unless you’re a Star Wars fan. We have already seen its battles, its chases, its tormented but courageous characters, its wild landscapes and its cities teeming with extraterrestrial creatures. The proliferation of this kind of works, formerly “events”, encourages less and less people to rush to see them. – Telerama

Andor does indeed succeed in imposing its naturalistic atmosphere which changes from Star Wars. Unfortunately, the script is not up to par. Andor’s beautiful promises are lost in a soft narration, which stretches over three episodes what should have been a 10-minute film prologue. – Premiere

As for our review, it is available at this address.

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