‘Star Wars’ Breaking News: ‘Andor’ Cast & Crew Enjoy Their Victory Lap, But Some Fans Have Complaints

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Star Wars This week’s news has been predictably dominated by coverage of Andor. The Disney Plus show roared out the doors on Wednesday with a three-episode drop, re-introducing us to Diego Luna. rogue one character and setting the stage for two epic seasons of pre-A new hope adventures that will show the formation of the Rebel Alliance.

The cast and crew are clearly delighted with how Andor it has turned out and for once the fans (mostly) agree that this is something special. The high quality of the writing, the focused tone, the score by Nicholas Britell, and especially the use of giant physical sets rather than digital ones have been praised. Since the premiere on Wednesday, the Andor The team has been giving interviews about their experiences and highlighting what’s coming next.

diego moon says Andor will show the oppressive reality of imperial rule

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Talking with entertainment weeklyLuna went into detail about what the show wanted to achieve by showing the galaxy under the Empire. AndorThe premiere of was notable for the more personal scale of its conflict, with Cassian facing off against Corporate Security officers rather than Imperial Stormtroopers. These less regimented officers are more police than soldiers, and their arrival on Ferrix demonstrated that even when the Empire is not physically present on a planet, they still wield influence.

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As Luna said: “There are not two sides yet. I think the beauty of this show is that we’re going to see what oppression looks like and what it feels like, what it’s like to be in a marginalized world where you can’t articulate a community and where all your freedom is taken away.”

Andor will show why and how the Rebel Alliance was formed, so expect future episodes to continue this focus on the personal impact of life under the Galactic Empire.

Andor Director Tony Gilroy teases an ‘odyssey’ for Cassian Andor

Diego Luna and the cast of 'Andor'
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Disney and Lucasfilm should be thanking their lucky stars that they have Tony Gilroy on board. The writer/director stepped in to save rogue one in 2015, taking over the directing reins from Gareth Edwards, coordinating reshoots and turning a chaotic production into a billion-dollar hit. Gilroy has big plans for Andorgoing into detail in an interview with IndieWire about how Cassian Andor’s journey to his introduction in rogue one I will go.

“I think they should expect a great journey, an odyssey for Cassian Andor,” Gilroy said. “And I think they should require us to improve the emotional response. I think they should keep us to the standard that we started in the first three or four episodes.”

Gilroy also underscored that the sleazy, unfocused character we met in the first three episodes is not the one we’re going to stay with, saying, “He just fucked everything up. He is that guy that no one wants to see coming down the street anymore. No one wants to give him the keys to his apartment. He’s just that guy you don’t trust anymore. We all know people like that.”

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He also teased that there will be a big development in the show around Thanksgiving.

“Emotionally, viscerally, action-wise in every way, we plan to deliver and enhance that throughout the show. That is our plan. That is our goal. We really go somewhere in Episode 12, which is so fantastic, it’s the night before Thanksgiving. If what we’re doing works, that should be a very powerful moment.”

Hopefully the show lives up to that billing.

Despite the praise, fans complain Andor no alien characters

Luthen Rael played by Stellan Skarsgard in Andor
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But not everything is sunshine and roses in the Star Wars community of fans Where there is a nit they pluck it, with some annoyance that Andor It didn’t feature the typical collection of aliens we’d come to expect from the franchise. A post on Reddit even asked, “What happened to all the aliens in the new series?”

There were some funky aliens running around in the background of Andor‘s, but all the main characters were human and trailers have shown no signs of incoming alien heroes or villains. Others point out that Empire-controlled space would naturally be populated primarily by humans, as the Empire treated non-human aliens as an inferior class of being. would not be Star Wars without some awesome creatures and characters, so we hope that Andor throw us some Wookiees and Twi’leks in the next few weeks.

Suppose Star Wars the news continues to be dominated by Andor over the next few months, although we are also hopeful that we will see new glimpses of the Tales of the Jedi animated shorts coming in October and updates in The Mandalorian third season. Beyond that, it would be nice if Disney and Lucasfilm gave us some sort of confirmation on their plans for the big screen, like they did with Patty Jenkins. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron disappearing from the release schedule, things don’t look particularly positive.

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