‘Star Wars’ Fans Debate Whether Original Trilogy Characters Should Be Left Alone

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Some Star Wars fans want to get out with the old and in with the new, at least when it comes to characters.

This brave stance was taken today by Redditor DrTrilogy, who wrote: “Star Wars you need to move away from the content surrounding the AT [original trilogy] characters. “Don’t get me wrong,” the Redditor teased before revealing his OT fandom. “Love Star WarsI really do. . . but [it] It really needs to move away from the characters we know and love in favor of new ones.”

The Redditor introduced the mandalorian as an example: “Mando enjoys the benefit of . . . be a new character along with baby Yoda.” Compare that to OT-based programs like Obi Wan Kenobi Y boba fett bookwhere “despite the great interactions between Obi and Anakin/Vader, Obi and Leia, heck pretty much every major and minor player on the show, you can never escape the knowledge of these characters’ ultimate fate.”

“There’s just not much at stake,” the Redditor concluded.

It’s a controversial post, to be sure, but the upvotes are currently outnumbering the downvotes. Responses range from enthusiastic to dismissive.

JyconX wondered if “a certain future Star Wars can the media feel ‘connected enough’ to the rest of the franchise, even if all the old characters and planets were nowhere to be found anymore? On the other hand, Commodore64userJapan “would like to see the galaxy in 100, 500, 1000 years with a new Jedi order.”

Surprisingly, the main comment in the thread is a pitch for a AlienHorror-style movie revolving around the OT baddie Darth Vader:

The consensus seems to be that although Star Wars it should focus on new characters and stories, great stories can still stem from old characters.

Whether you agree or disagree, you can Strength your opinion in the discussion here.

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