Star Wars leak teases a return to Tatooine with a massive change

star wars planets love one end It may be extremely cold, like Hoth, or extremely hot, like Mustafar. Perhaps the planet is extremely populated, like Coruscant, or extremely unpopulated, like Alderaan.

But if there’s one planet that’s extremely popular, it’s the desert planet of Tatooine, the childhood home of Luke Skywalker and his father, Anakin. Weather Andor might turn out to be an exception, he appeared in every other series of the Disney+ era: Both seasons of the mandalorianits spin-off boba fett bookY Obi Wan Kenobi Everyone has given us glances at the supposed backwater. Could the next Sith prequel the acolyte keep this streak? A still photo leak suggests as much.

In photos obtained by Star Wars leakers The Bespin Newsletterwe get our first glimpse of a desert town being built on a soundstage for the acolyte, which is speeding towards filming. While an appearance of Tatooine in another Star Wars series would not be groundbreaking, his appearance in the acolyte would.

the acolyte is set in the final years of the High Republic, 100 years before the events of the prequel trilogy. If this leak is accurate, this wouldn’t be just another visit to Tatooine, this would be the oldest depiction of Tatooine we’ve ever seen.

Tatooine can appear in the acolyte. lucasfilm

What would Tatooine look like 100 years before Anakin? It could be similar to the pioneer days of the western United States, when Americans had to settle on the land and build a country from scratch (while using military force to drive out the indigenous population). If Tatooine were at a similar stage in its development, we could see its settlers clash with the native Tuskens and Jawas on a larger scale than we already have.

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This “Wild West” mentality survives later in the Star Wars timeline in some of the most remote areas of Tatooine. as seen in the boba fett book, Tatooine’s cities look like seedy urban centers run by crime lords, while places like Mos Pelgo are sleepy towns that can function on their own; and deal with intruders.

Pioneer-era Tatooine would probably look a lot like Freetown.lucasfilm

the acolyte it may be focused on the Sith Order, but Star Wars always has room for other stories and points of view. Perhaps Sith training requires field work that takes them to Tatooine, or perhaps one of Anakin’s ancestors explores the Sith.

We’ve seen Tatooine quite often in the Star Wars universe, but there are centuries of its history that are still unknown. The Acolyte could be our first glimpse into the early nature of Star Wars’ most iconic planet.

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