Star Wars Squads Deserve Another Chance

Fresh off the heels of controversy Star Wars 2 Battlefront and the welcome Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderEA threw another Star Wars title that went unnoticed. Star Wars: Squads released in 2020 and took the Star Wars video games into space for a space combat game set after return of the jedi. The game was developed by Motive Studios and gave players control over some of the most iconic fighters, and came the closest to making players feel like they were pilots. However, the game did not receive much post-release support from the studio and many Star Wars fans moved on from that pretty quickly.


Weather Star Wars: Squads it was far from a perfect title, it still provided a decent amount of fun for fans of the franchise. The game offered both a single player campaign and a multiplayer mode that gave players the thrill of piloting spaceships in Star Wars. While it may be too late to revive this title, it’s not too late to support the squads brand. The game was quite fun and space combat is a big part of the game. Star Wars franchise. EA shouldn’t just let the game disappear into the shadows, but rather give Motive Studios another chance in the galaxy far, far away.

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Star Wars: Squadrons was a good time

Star Wars: Squads Put players in the cockpit of various starships of the New Republic and the Galactic Empire. The story unfolds after return of the jedi and followed the exploits of Vanguard Squadron and Titan Squadron. Space battles rage in multiple parts of the galaxy as the Empire desperately tries to cling to life while the New Republic attempts to wipe out the remnants of the Empire. The story was nothing special and far from groundbreaking, but it was still an interesting look at the post-Endor galaxy.

Along with the canonical single-player campaign, squads offered two different multiplayer modes for players to battle against each other. Dogfight mode pits two teams of five against each other as they battle for supremacy in space, with the first team to reach 30 destroyed starfighters wins the game. The other game mode was known as Fleet Battle, and had two teams of five fighting to destroy the other teams’ capital ship. Both modes felt ripped straight out of a Star Wars film, and the flight mechanics helped cement the feeling of being a pilot in the galaxy.

The biggest strong suit of Star Wars: Squads it was his flight mechanics. Players piloted some of the Star Wars most iconic ships in the galaxy and flew them through a first-person perspective. Players had to manage speed, weapon functions, and shields if they wanted to stand a fighting chance. There wasn’t just one starfighter to choose from either, as the game offered ten different flying ships divided into four different classes; the fighter, the interceptor, the bomber and the support. These ships could also be customized with all sorts of trinkets and color combinations, making them feel unique to the person.

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Star Wars squads didn’t get the attention they deserved

A lots of Star Wars fans were skeptical about Star Wars: Squads as EA didn’t have the best track record when it came to multiplayer Star Wars games. However, before launch, the studio made it clear that there would be no microtransactions in Star Wars: Squads, and was going to launch for $40 instead of the standard $60. While this was great news for those who were skeptical, the game received little post-launch support and received insufficient attention. This could be for a multitude of reasons including that EA didn’t make enough money from the project, that it wasn’t a live service title, or simply that Star Wars fans chose to sit on this one.

Whatever the reason for Star Wars: Squads‘ lack of support, he deserved much more. After launch, the game received a major update that added two new fighters, a new map, and custom matches. Players could fly the B-Wing and TIE Defender through the skies, but that was it. The game received some cosmetic updates and balance patches, but hardly any new maps or ships were added. Motive Studios developed one of the best Star Wars starfighter games, but couldn’t keep it interesting with constant updates.

Motive deserves a second chance at Star Wars

Star Wars: Squads It wasn’t a huge success, but it built a solid foundation. The game really made players feel like they were sitting in the cockpit of some of their favorite ships, and the multiplayer mode was quite fun. The single player campaign wasn’t stellar, but it was still a pretty decent experience. Motive Studios created a fun Star Wars game that didn’t get enough attention, and it shouldn’t be the last time the studio makes a Star Wars squads play.

A sequel to Star Wars: Squads It has a lot of potential, and it could be a lot of fun. Motive has already gone to work creating an exciting space combat game; now you just have to go the extra mile and stick to every other aspect. A sequel could be set in the same time period as the first, or it could focus on a completely different period. the Star Wars: Squads the game could work very well during the Clone Wars or the Galactic Civil War, or even all three major eras. If Motive can create an exciting story set in these times and provide a decent amount of post-launch support, then Star Wars: Squads 2 may be able to live a long life.

Star Wars: Squads it was pretty decent Star Wars game with fun gameplay, and deserves to be reviewed. If Motive Studios can improve on the original title’s flaws while delivering a stellar sequel, then the game will be noticed by more fans. Weather Star Wars 3 Battlefront it may not be happening, EA could offer a fun multiplayer Star Wars game if I gave Motive Studios another chance in this huge franchise.

Star Wars: Squads It is available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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