Starfield Easter egg honors the first man and woman in space

Starfield’s first proper gameplay trailer dropped back in June on Xbox Showcase and fans have been poring over the footage ever since, searching for clues about Bethesda’s RPG. Now, fans have seen a Starfield Easter egg that appears to specifically honor the first man and woman in space.

Fans have already discovered multiple Starfield Easter eggs hidden in in-game footage, such as a possible release date hint, a sinister Dead Space-like secret, and even the infamous sandwich. People have even noticed references to real-life astronauts, like some of the planet names.

However, fans on Reddit seem to have noticed a more direct appearance by two particularly famous astronauts at around 6:39 in the game’s trailer. Behind the person in the foreground in the image above, there are two portraits. These appear to be famous photos of two astronauts: Yuri Gagarin, who became the first man to travel to space in 1961, and Valentina Tereshkova, who became the first woman to travel to space in 1963.

Right in front of the portraits is a model of the Vostok spacecraft that both astronauts used to travel into space, suggesting that this location may be in some kind of space museum. We won’t know for sure until Starfield launches sometime in 2023, but we’re sure there are plenty more secrets hidden in the trailers and screenshots in the meantime.

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