Starfield: sources of inspiration, aerial duels … Space combat dissected by its producer

Game news Starfield: sources of inspiration, aerial duels … Space combat dissected by its producer

While exploration has often been at the heart of the Starfield topic in recent days, space combat will have just as much of a role in Bethesda’s next game. An aspect reviewed in detail by executive producer Todd Howard during an interview with Golden News.


  • Starfield: inspiration found at FTL
  • Starfield: aerial combat from MechWarriors “

Starfield: inspiration found at FTL

Considered the Skyrim of space by its producer Todd Howard, Starfield promises gargantuan content to be made. We can cite the 100 solar systems as well as the 1000 planets to explore, or a single-player campaign with an estimated lifespan of between 30 and 40 hours, the largest ever by Bethesda. Without a doubt, this single-player campaign should go through space combat. In an interview with Todd Howard conducted by Golden News after the presentation of fifteen minutes of Starfield gameplay, he discusses two sources of inspiration for the clashes in the Starfield galaxy. The first being Faster Than Light:

Your ship has different systems. There’s a bit of FTL in terms of power handling in three weapon systems, then engines, and shields, and Grav Driv which lets you jump, and pull you out of certain situations if you put the power to it .

As a reminder, FTL is an independent game released in 2012 which had a triumphant critical reception. It’s a kind of management game where the player must flee his pursuers to bring a letter of capital importance to his federation. He then crosses the solar system and encounters random events (merchants, pirates, asteroids) that he must manage while having the possibility of improving his ship.

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Starfield: aerial combat from MechWarriors “

Furthermore, Todd Howard also mentions the dogfighting (air duel). There will be some in Starfield: it was inspired by the saga Mech Warriors, much appreciated by the producer. It’s a game franchise where players pilot destructive robots and must exterminate everything in their path:

It’s probably a bit slower, but in terms of systems and power, and being able to line things up – it’s a bit faster than that, but you know what I mean about a fight nervous.

Beyond that, Todd Howard adds that players “will be able to board other ships, incapacitate them or even steal them“. He concludes by specifying that other gameplay mechanics that Bethesda will show later. Starfield is due out in 2023 on PC, Xbox and will be included in Xbox Game Pass at launch.

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