Starfield: Xbox exclusive would be “pretty incredible” according to an actor

Game news Starfield: Xbox exclusive would be “pretty incredible” according to an actor

Starfield is Bethesda’s next big RPG and inevitably, even though we haven’t seen much of the game, it’s got a lot of questioning…and even excitement from audiences. For an actor, the game would be downright grandiose.

A game without too many bugs, from the launch?

It’s been years since Starfield was announced and yet Bethesda hasn’t decided to really show it off yet. We imagine that it will not be long but in the meantime, the hearsay fuses and some information reaches us here and there, timidly. For example, we have developer diaries, including a few shy excerpts and above all a lot of artwork, which promises us a memorable adventure.

It’s not just Bethesda itself that says it: Stephen Ford, an American actor supposedly in the cast of the dubbing of Starfield, recently added his little grain of salt on Twitter. He responded to a user doubting the potential of the game, saying that the title would be full of bugs since signed Bethesda: “People have too much hype about this game. Can’t wait for player builds that insert themselves into ship flaws, black holes and other bugs. It’s a BETHESDA game, people. Bethesda.”

A rather pessimistic speech to which Stephen Ford retorted that “Nah, the game is pretty amazing”. A surprise answer that suggests that yes, he will embody one of the soft characters and that yes, he knows full well what the adventure looks like. And to believe it, the finish will be there, as soon as it arrives on the market.

A release in 2022 for the space opera

Despite a trailer released in 2001, Starfield has still not released any gameplay sequence concerning it. However, there is a window in sight: on Sunday, June 12, at 7 p.m., where the “Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022” will be held. Suffice to say that if the RPG is not presented there, there will be enough to make people disappointed.

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We also recall that this really ambitious space-opera already has a release date, set for November 11, 2022 on PC and Xbox. The title will obviously be in the Xbox Game Pass, which is a major weapon for Microsoft, which will then offer its subscribers one of the largest works ever produced this decade, directly in its catalog. There is still something to be curious about.

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