State Of Decay 2: 10 Best Features

State of decomposition 2 is a zombie-style survival game that keeps players on their feet and constantly on the move. Luckily, there’s always a relatively safe haven to return to in case things start to get a little dicey.

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Such a safe haven is ideal for State of decomposition 2 players and survivors as they can get food, rest and upgrade their weapons. However, a base is only as good as the survivors that live there. That is why it is so important to have residents with excellent characteristics. Without useful traits, players might have a hard time keeping their base safe, happy, or functional. Some features are worth considering and others are worth avoiding.

10 Quartermaster

While traits that have more than one perk are worth investigating, they can sometimes lead to a clash, or they can just be three relatively useless additions that are just there to persuade the player to get them. Fortunately, the Quartermaster trait is just the opposite.

It’s fantastically useful for any gamer who seems to be struggling with storage. Any hoarder will need to get a survivor with the Quartermaster trait. However, even if the player is not interested in getting as much material as possible, there is no such thing as too much ammo or fuel.

  • +5 maximum to material storage

  • +5 max to ammo storage

  • +5 max to fuel storage

9 eat like a bird

Food can be a tricky aspect of State of decomposition 2. It’s something that many players would rather not think about and often turns out to be a pain that only comes when players have better things to do.

However, with the Eat Like a Bird trait, Survivors will end up consuming slightly less food than the average person. 50% is a huge amount and will help players with their resources, time and effort, which can be spent on harvesting or simply storing the food that is already available, allowing it to spread out a little further.

  • -50% of food consumed per day

8 can sleep anywhere

Usually at the beginning of State of decomposition 2, players will find themselves in a relatively small base that provides few empty slots for resources and even fewer beds. This can be extremely frustrating, especially when the survivors and the player cannot sleep.

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Sleep deprivation is a real problem in State of decomposition 2 and it can very quickly become an aspect that forces players to stop what they intend to do. Especially when there aren’t enough beds for players to sleep on. Take a survivor with this trait and a bed will be free, allowing you to rest from exploring dangerous lands.

7 Immortal

While the name itself is enough to entice most fans of State of decomposition 2 grab the survivor as fast as possible, is not entirely true. It would be particularly overpowered if a survivor was truly immortal.

That said, they are much stronger than other survivors, especially with increased health. This will allow the survivor to stay awake longer, fight harder, and not be too afraid to enter the fray of a challenging battle. Just don’t expect them to be truly immortal… they’re not.

  • -40% to injury severity

  • +45 Max Health

6 Unbreakable

Any preference over Immortal or Unbreakable is solely up to the player as they are relatively similar in that they will grant more health to the survivor and limit their injuries. However, Unbreakable will limit your chance of getting injured by an impressive 100%, which can be fantastic when facing damaging zombies like a Juggernaut.

After all, lasting injuries can be extremely frustrating and will limit both the survivor and the player if they are far from base or unable to heal quickly. Preventing this from happening is a boon that many will seek.

  • +45 Max Health

  • -100% chance of injury

5 staunch veteran

There are many things to do in State of decomposition 2. Players can build their base, complete missions, or just kill as many zombies as they can. If the latter is the preference, then a survivor with the Staunch Veteran trait is the best way to go.

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It’s a strong trait that will keep the Survivor going through injury, infection, and a heavy load. It’s the ideal companion to wear or play when exploring the unforgiving landscape and is one that all gamers should consider prioritizing.

  • -40% to injury severity

  • +100 to infection resistance

  • +10 to light charge ability

4 Indefatigable

When players prefer to fight with a melee weapon or if they just feel like running into nearby areas, they should instantly seek out a survivor with the Indefatigable perk. It is ideal for players who find their stamina to be an issue during State of decomposition 2 and it’s perfect for running away from those faster zombies.

Ultimately, resistance is a difficult stat to deal with and can have devastating effects when attacked by a horde. Having a survivor with more stamina and less fatigue could be a lifesaver.

  • -40% to fatigue severity

  • +30 to max stamina

3 Agent Red Claw

One of the most frustrating aspects of State of decomposition 2 is the durability of the weapon. There’s nothing worse than going into a big battle and finding your weapon about to break, or when players are protecting their base they find their favorite weapon broken.

With a Red Talon Operative, they’ll get more use out of those powerful weapons and be able to keep taking down those zombies like nothing happened. On top of that, this trait gives them less fatigue and a higher carrying capacity, making them a great jack of all trades and still a master of many.

  • -95% to durability loss per hit

  • +60 to maximum carrying capacity

  • -100% to fatigue severity

two official material

Morality is vital in State of decomposition 2. It can grant extra perks to survivors and works well with other traits that have a negative effect on morale but are a boon to other useful items. That, combined with Wits’ experience, allows the Survivor to gain some useful abilities that will make him a Survivor that any player will want to get.

Ultimately, this is a complete survivor worth having at any point in the game. They are useful, work well in the camp, and can be effective on the map when players defeat zombies. He may not be immortal, but he’s a lot of fun to play.

  • +50% to wit experience gain

  • +6 morale

1 volunteer coordinator

As mentioned above, morale is extremely important when playing State of decomposition 2. High morale will prevent survivors from leaving or fighting. It will increase speed and prevent resources from depleting so quickly.

The Volunteer Coordinator will not only increase their own morale but also the morale of everyone else in the camp by four. It may not be as high as the Officer Material trait, but giving it to everyone makes this trait hands down one of the best in the game.

  • +4 morale (for all survivors)

State of decomposition 2 is available now on Xbox One and PC.

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