State of Play: Hogwarts Legacy, PSVR2… how to follow announcements on JV?

Game news State of Play: Hogwarts Legacy, PSVR2… how to follow announcements on JV?

The E3/Summer Game Fest period opens this year a little early with the PlayStation conference. We hope for this new State of Play rich in big announcements, especially since Sony has a lot of expected games under the elbow (God of War, Hogwarts Legacy, Final Fantasy XVI…). Suffice to say that it is better not to miss the slightest minute of this kickoff of the summer announcements. Fortunately JV will be there to follow this event with you and we will explain how.


  • Follow State of Play announcements on JV
  • God of War, Hogwarts Legacy, PSVR 2… What games to expect?

Follow State of Play announcements on JV

Who says special period, says special device. Summer Game Fest obliges, the next conferences will be treated on JV with particular attention. And it starts tonight with PlayStation’s State of Play. If Sony gave us an appointment at 11:59 p.m., at JV we are a little zealous by offering you to find us on LeStream’s Twitch channel from 11:30 p.m. Our PlayStation specialist, Indee, will notably be present to discuss a bit about the upcoming State of Play and expectations. Then we will follow this conference with you, providing translation if necessary, before offering you a short debriefing. Best of all, you won’t even need to move. The live will be broadcast directly on the home page on JV.

While following the conference, you can therefore go into a little more detail for the announcements that interest you the most. Indeed, if this dear Indee will follow up on set, this conference will also be treated directly on the JV site. In the program : a Live Feed to follow announcements in dribs and drabs, especially handy if you can’t watch the conference, and articles taking up the key moments of the latter. The various news items will allow you to come back in more detail to the new images and announcements, to recall some important points or, if necessary, to add additional information. Whatever this State of Play has in store for us, we’re ready to provide you with the most comprehensive coverage possible, hoping it will be worth the effort. We are not immune to a “falling blast” effect, but given the range of games that Sony has to offer us in the months and years to come, this evening promises to be rather rich in information on JV.

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God of War, Hogwarts Legacy, PSVR 2… What games to expect?

Historically, PlayStation’s strength has always been its exclusives. And the least we can say is that Sony still has it under the hood on this side. God of War Ragnarök, Stray, Little Devil Inside or even Final Fantasy XVI are titles that could pass a little head during State of Play tonight. Some appearances are more likely than others, such as the Stray tag game that we hope will find a release date, but it is not forbidden to let yourself dream with new images of God of War Ragnarök or the next Final Fantasy.

State of Play: Hogwarts Legacy, PSVR2... how to follow announcements on JV?

Case a little apart: Hogwarts Legacy: the Legacy of Hogwarts. If the title is not a PlayStation exclusive, it is Sony who has obtained the right to communicate on the long-awaited Harry Potter game. As the release window is fast approaching, we would not say no to a short video specifying certain points, such as the combat system for example, and finally revealing a precise release date.

State of Play: Hogwarts Legacy, PSVR2... how to follow announcements on JV?

In addition to all these expected titles, we hope to have concrete news from the PSVR2. It’s even more than just a small hope since a press release from Sony told us that this State of Play would be the opportunity to present games in preparation on the next virtual reality headset. We think in particular of its first exclusive title, briefly presented during CES 2022: Horizon: Call of the Mountain. As its name suggests, it is an installment in the Guerrilla series, which recently had the right to its sequel, Horizon: Forbidden West. Many rumors also evoke a return of the Killzone license on PSVR2 as well as a Call of Duty VR. In addition to these big announcements, it is easy to imagine a corridor of VR games ending with a release date and maybe even a price for the PSVR2.

State of Play: Hogwarts Legacy, PSVR2... how to follow announcements on JV?

A whole section of this State of Play could also serve as a springboard for Sony for its change of course, barely begun, “beyond consoles”. As a reminder, the company plans no less than twelve service games by 2025 and intends to place itself more seriously on subscriptions, cloud gaming and the famous metaverse. This State of Play could therefore be the opportunity to have news of the project from Jade Raymond’s studio (Mass Effect Andromeda, Star Wars 1313) which had been presented to us as “an ever-evolving triple-A multiplayer experience with (…) centered on freedom, passion and zest to keep players entertained for years to come”. For the rest, a few surprises responding to this new strategic line could well point the tip of their nose. We will discover all this together tonight!

See you at 8:30 p.m. tonight to follow this State of Play with us, whether on set or via the news and the Live Feed.

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