Steam Deck Mod Lets You Install Larger M.2 Drives

As the Steam Deck gets into the hands of more users, more people exercise their right to play games with the device. Given the space limitations of the Steam Deck in general, it’s no surprise that some of that effort has gone into expanding the amount of storage you have.

Out of the box, the Steam Deck supports only the smallest variety of M.2 drives, the 2230. Twitter handle @TheSmcelra, as reported by Hot Hardware, found a way to allow for a slightly larger drive: an M.2 2242. To do this, they used a 30 to 42mm bracket extension to push the retaining screw a bit further in the motherboard and just moved a thermal pad out of the way. As a consequence, the rear deck board shifted slightly. However, the larger unit did not interfere with any other part of the device. The thread concludes with the successful installation of SteamOS on the new drive.

If you have experience building a computer, you know that this is not a particularly complicated modification. However, any tinkering with any electronic device comes with a bit of risk and potential anxiety. It’s also worth noting that you could expand the storage space with a microSD card, no tinkering needed.

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In other Valve news, the Steam sale has just started. If you’re the proud owner of a Steam Deck, now might be a good time to load it up with games.

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