Steam Deck: this trick to expand your storage space kills the console!

News hardware Steam Deck: this trick to expand your storage space kills the console!

The Steam Deck continues its rise as the portable console of choice for PC gamers. Despite all its qualities, a defect still persists: the storage space. A trick to change SSD has been all the rage on all video game sites, but unfortunately, the craze ends here since this trick could well kill your console…

This trick to change the SSD of your Steam Deck is dangerous

It’s been a while, and if you’re a Steam Deck user, you’ve surely come across this trick to change the M2-2230 SSD to an M2-2242. The goal of this maneuver is simple: to expand your storage space.

The Steam Deck has this big flaw, that of only offering a maximum storage of 512 GB. Unfortunately, many games these days weigh very heavily… Whether it’s the 70 GB of Cyberpunk 2077 or the 120 GB of Red Dead Redemption II.

Only, the maneuver has a risk. Indeed, Valve did not choose the M2-2230 SSD at random. This one consumes much less than some M2 SSDs of the same kind, and that’s why exchanging it with an M2-2242 represents a risk of almost obligatory overheating of your Steam Deck.

Even if exchanging your 64, 256, or 512 GB SSD for 1 TB can be tempting, an engineer at Valve, Lawrence Yang, specifies that this manipulation can kill your Steam Deck.

According to him, the Steam Deck has been specially designed to work with the M2-2230 SSD, precisely with the aim of achieving low consumption, and therefore an ideal temperature for playing without ruining the components of the console.

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Source : iFixit

The Steam Deck has been studied by all DIYers, experienced or not, to find out how reliable the components of the console are. Valve has also teamed up with the company iFixit to offer solutions to repair your Steam Deck easily, without having to send it back to the after-sales service.

This behavior is more than commendable at a time when companies want to keep their design secrets warm so that consumers have to bring their products back to the after-sales service to be repaired, often at full price.

Even if you have the soul of a handyman, it is obvious that the Steam Deck is not made to accommodate another model of SSD.

If you still want to take advantage of additional storage for your console, the best solution is to opt for a micro-SD card. Sure, in-game performance will be worse than on the console’s SSD, but at least you won’t risk overheating your console.

At this time, Valve has not yet released an SSD specifically designed for the Steam Deck. Given how the company wants to make its portable console as repairable as possible, it would not be impossible for it to offer solutions in the near future, when the storage of all users will be at the end of its rope.

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