Steam game with high review scores can be claimed for free for a limited time

PC gamers can get product codes for an obscure but positively-reviewed Steam game for free, but time is short and supplies are extremely limited.

Steam sales and discounts are great ways for PC gamers to get great games at low prices. From time to time, they can even collect them for free. In fact, free product codes for a lesser-known but well-received game are now available, though Steam users will need to act fast if they want to get it for themselves.

Players can get a Steam code for the pixel art action platformer. to venture free from Fanatical today only. However, there are only a limited number of codes available and many free copies of to venture have already been claimed.


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Developed by Pixelatto, to venture It enjoys an overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam, a respectable 84% on Metacritic, and is one of the best Switch games under $10. The highly praised game normally retails for $7.99 but is free on Fanatical until just before 2 am ET tomorrow morning. Other than the time limit, Fanatical only made a limited number of codes available for free. As of this writing, the vast majority of free Steam keys have already been claimed, although an unknown number remains. However, that is not likely to be the case for much longer.

Publisher and developer Pixelatto to venture for PC and Switch in 2019. The low-pixel game puts players in the blocky green shoes of an aspiring adventurer who, according to the game’s description, “sometimes ignores him and does crazy things instead.” As that sentiment implies, humor plays a significant role in to venture, which appears in the game’s Steam trailer and tongue-in-cheek content on its Steam Store page. Nevertheless, to ventureThe light tone and deceptively simple art style mask a vast and surprisingly deep Metroidvania action platformer, with many paths for players to discover.

In addition to references to comedy and pop culture, to venture features over a hundred endings for players to unlock as they explore the vast 2D world. That world changes with each new playthrough, though players will have to figure out the details for themselves as they collect loads of loot and tons of cosmetics and effects. Players will also gain new abilities as they traverse the sprawling pixel landscape in search of their own path to victory. The game’s 50+ unlockable characters and dynamic storytelling also help make each race a unique experience.

Fanatical silently released her to venture draw without much fanfare. There’s also no indication if a similar freebie could be coming directly to the Steam Store or if there will be other special offers on the Switch version of the game. For now, the only way to get to venture free is to claim a Steam key from the Fanatical website, but time is running out.

to venture is available now for PC, Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch.

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