Strange Elden Ring Image Shows a Caelid Dog Failing Through the Wall

So impressive and ambitious elden ring it’s on a technical scale, that doesn’t mean the game is completely free of bugs or glitches. Given how large and detailed the environments are within elden ring, a series of technical mishaps have managed to go unnoticed. These glitches tend to be few and far between, but can often be quite amusing and even terrifying at times.

The bugs that players have managed to find in the game they vary enormously in terms of what can potentially happen. One player even managed to fail elden ring so they could run through the air, but a number of glitches in the game often occur without player input. One of the most recent glitches involves one of the giant dogs that can be found in the Caelid wastelands.


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On Reddit, a user named No_Doctor7860 posted a screenshot of them talking to an NPC inside a building located in Caelid. What is ultimately puzzling about this image, however, is the fact that the head of one of the Monstrous Dogs breaks through the wall directly behind where the NPC is sitting. What makes the image that much more disturbing is that it looks like the dog is also looking at the player.

Of all the enemy dogs that appear in elden Ring, the Monster Dogs found in Caelid are considerably difficult to combat, given their speed and ferocity. Dogs have also been known to chase players for long periods of time, which likely caused this dog’s head to go through the wall of this building. It must have followed the player into the building, and then the dog’s head probably went through while trying to reach the player.

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It’s amazing how often strange things can happen in the game. While some of these glitches are obviously not as frequent or detrimental to the experience as with something like cyberpunk 2077, For example, when they happen in elden ring, are often fun to watch. However, there have been a number of cases of technical problems failing to elden ring also.

Some flaws in elden ring can sometimes make the game unnecessarily more difficult than it already is. In fact, a couple of months ago, a player ran into a bug that made Malenia invincible. Considering that Malenia is one of the toughest bosses in elden ringthis type of glitch certainly has the potential to cause players great pain.

elden ring It is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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