‘Stranger Things’ Fans Unapologetically Praise Steve’s Best Friend Choices

via Netflix

As if Steve “The Hair” Harrington wasn’t popular enough for sporting a remarkable head of hair and possessing an undeniable ability to control baseball bats, the Strange things The fan-favorite is now receiving praise from fans online for his best friends, including fan-favorites Dustin Henderson and Robin Buckley.

On Twitter, user @StrangerNews11 posted two side-by-side images of Steve interacting with Henderson and Buckley, where the self-proclaimed babysitter was praised by his two best friends: one was a girl he once had a crush on: until she revealed her true sexual orientation to him, and the second was literally a fourteen-year-old girl. He sounds fair enough to us. You can see the tweet for yourself below:

In response, Strange things fans flock to the thread and confess their love for Steve’s selections, even if they are unconventional to society. One user noted that Steve and Robin hilariously share a brain cell, adding an extra element of devotion to their friendship.

Another user cheekily expressed that Dustin and Steve have the best friendship in Strange thingsand unapologetically we have to agree.

Another user jokingly dismissed the sibling relationship between the two and declared Dustin as his son.

With less than 10 days until the action-packed season’s Volume Two hits Netflix, die-hard fans are already worried about the fate of all three characters, namely Steve and Robin’s lovable alliance. How the fate of these characters will end remains to be seen, but we know that Steve will do whatever it takes to keep his two best friends safe from Vecna.

vol. 2 of stranger things 4 arrives on Netflix on July 1.

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