‘Stranger Things’ fans would love to see this character take on Vecna

Image via Netflix

Vecna ​​may have taken a serious beating, but with her mysterious disappearance at the end of Strange things season four, we know he’s not gone yet. Eleven has proven herself a worthy opponent against the nightmare-inducing villain on more than one occasion, but she hasn’t managed to finish him off completely. Some fans think that a certain individual can put Vecna ​​in his shoes without breaking a sweat.

Erica has attracted viewers since her appearance in the second season. The witty, smart-mouthed girl has given many characters a verbal whiplash and fans of hers love her for it. Many have expected certain bullies on the show to get what they deserve, and often push Erica as the person to get the job done.

Although the idea of ​​Erica going up against Vecna ​​is something of a joke, let’s face it, she is a troublesome individual with insane powers who has survived by not only living but dominating a hellish landscape and murdering numerous people across all dimensions, there is a little truth in it. at the same time. Vecna ​​often focuses on people who are struggling with trauma, finding their mental weaknesses and breaking through. He would have a hard time trying to do that with the firecracker that is Erica Sinclair. Erica is tough as nails and she doesn’t let anyone tell her what she can or can’t do.

Fans of the show would love to see the terrifying monster humiliated by some well-placed verbal lashes.

There were a lot of Reddit users on board with this, their love for Erica runs strong.

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A posted user reviews Vecna ​​alone might find Erika’s mind a bit more challenging than the others she’s infiltrated.

Although some feel that after what Erica has been through in the last few episodes, her mind might not be so trauma-free.

One user was quick to point out exactly what Erica would think of the matchup.

Many felt that Erica is not the only person who would give Vecna ​​a good speech.

We have already seen that Joyce will go to great lengths for those she loves.

Of course, none of these are really the solution to taking on the biggest evil in the entire show thus far. Vecna ​​is a being of inordinate strength who sees humans below him and has no qualms about torturing and mutilating them. We can only pray that he doesn’t set his sights on Erica, but if he does, he’ll definitely put up a decent fight.

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