Stranger Things season 4 part 2: Metallica reaction, backstage and explosion on Spotify … All about Eddie’s performance

news culture Stranger Things season 4 part 2: Metallica reaction, backstage and explosion on Spotify … All about Eddie’s performance

Season 4 of Stranger Things ended last Friday, with two episodes that acted as the second volume. Fittingly, this conclusion included some unforgettable footage, including the live rendition of Metallica’s Master of Puppets.

Beware of spoilers

The article here discusses advanced scenes from Season 4 of Stranger Things. Some elements can therefore hinder or even spoil the pleasure of discovery for some readers. It is therefore not recommended to read the following lines for anyone wishing to watch the series.


  • Stranger Things: an 80s recreation
  • Stranger Things: after Kate Bush, Metallica comes back to life
  • Stranger Things Metallica: A Songwriting Performance by Joseph Quinn?

Stranger Things: an 80s recreation

Since its release in 2016, Stranger Things has been delighting viewers with its references to the 80s. The arcades, the neon lights galore and the iconic haircuts of those years. We also find the ideas received on the game Dungeon & Dragons as well as its practitioners: they often listen to rock and metal, have long hair and form satanist clubs which murder people. It is this kind of clichés that Eddie Munson, recurring protagonist of season 4, undergoes and whose story is inspired by a news item where a group of teenagers were accused of three murders: these were covered up by press like satanic club rituals.

In Stranger Things, the character played by Joseph Quinn ticks all the boxes (except that he doesn’t kill anyone) and is marginalized for his taste in music. Whether Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush returns to the top of the rankings of music streaming sites, this is not the case of Iron Maiden yet represented in the series. We see it during a sequence at the beginning of season 8 where the group of heroes are looking for songs. While Robin gets frustrated by coming across tapes that she doesn’t consider music. A comment that enrages Eddie, brandishing an Iron Maiden tape while shouting that “It’s music“. A scene spotted by Iron Maiden on Twitter:

We are with you Eddie!

A much more important reference to metal bands, and particularly in episode 9, is noteworthy. No one will have missed it since it’s Eddie Munson’s performance on guitar, covering Master of Puppets of the group. A concert intended to keep bats away from the mansion where Vecna ​​is located. In any case, it will not have been missed by the interested parties themselves who spoke on Instagram:

When we saw the final result, we were blown away. It’s so well done that some of the spectators recognized the song just by looking at the position of the hands of Joseph Quinn (the interpreter of Eddie, editor’s note) on the guitar. Isn’t that too cool?

In any case, the song is a hit in the series but also in real life, like that of Kate Blush: This week, Running Up That Hill topped the world top 50 with over 7 million plays, while Master of Puppets recorded 2.3 million plays and reached 17th place in the ranking.

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A performance all the more impressive as Joseph Quinn had to learn the piece in a very short time. During an interview granted to Polygon, the actor of Eddie returned to the backstage which led to this musical scene for which he had to “a lot” practice :

I received fairly evasive messages from the Duffer brothers (the directors, editor’s note) asking me if I played the guitar. I answered yes and I got no more answers.

Mere coincidence or science of detail on the part of the directors? It is good to remember that the song Master of Puppets was released on March 3, 1986. However, the fourth season begins during the spring break (spring break) on March 21, 1986. Like its interpreter, Eddie would therefore also have learned to play the song in the space of a short time.

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