Stranger Things: What can we expect from season 5 on Netflix?

news culture Stranger Things: What can we expect from season 5 on Netflix?

Season 4 of Stranger Things has just ended, leaving us with more questions than clarifications. The next part will be the last, and will have the difficult task of answering these questions. Here’s what we can expect for that conclusion.


  • Season 5 release date and format
  • Season 5 theories
    • Vecna, the real end boss?
    • The Upside Down comes to us
    • Max’s fate
    • Nancy’s love triangle
  • A spin-off in the making

Season 5 release date and format

The fourth season of Stranger Things concluded on July 1 in a second volume of two episodes longer than usual: 1h25 and 2h19. We had the right to many revelations, but also questions that will have to be resolved in a fifth and final season. Indeed, according to the Duffer brothers, season 5 will serve as a conclusion for the series started in 2016. As a reminder, this is the most popular series in the history of the platform with more than 930 million hours viewed. in the world. Due to the Covid, we had to wait three years before being entitled to this penultimate part. However, the writers took the opportunity to refine this season 4, but also to advance on the scenario of the fifth. As a result, we could discover the sequel sooner than expected, but no shooting date has yet been announced.

Another question remains unanswered: what format will this final part adopt? Indeed, season 4 has reshuffled the cards as to the frequency of broadcast which was done in two parts unlike the previous ones, available in full as soon as they are released. Remember also that Peaky Blinders will offer its end through a film, and not a season. Thus, Stranger Things is not immune to taking its example from this model, especially when we know that the last two episodes each had the duration of an entire film. Peter Friedlander, director of fiction series at Netflix US and Canada, wanted to be reassuring by explaining that for “For Stranger Things fans (binger) that’s how they viewed the show and I think changing that would be disappointing. Stranger Things is a seasonal experience and I think that would be too abrupt a change for fans. spectators.” We should have news on the progress of the project very soon.

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Season 5 theories

Warning, this part of the article contains a lot of spoilers concerning the plot of season 4!

Vecna, the real end boss?

During season 4, we learn that the main antagonist of the series was Vecna ​​(Number One) from the beginning. When banished by Eleven to the Upside Down, Un managed to survive and explore the lands of the Upside Down, until encountering what appears to be the core of this monster colony. universe: a kind of particle cloud. Thanks to his powers, Un managed to take control of this entity, giving it a form. So what we believed to be the Mind Flayer, was actually just an avatar of Vecna. He is defeated by the group of teenagers, before fleeing. However, he gets his way, opening a giant portal to the town of Hawkins in order to invade our world. Jamie Campbell Bower, playing Vecna, has confirmed his presence in the cast of the final season, demonstrating that there will be no new antagonist.

The Upside Down comes to us

As soon as the portal opened, we could see that the Upside Down was already beginning to spread its corruption in our world. Rotting nature, and the tainted particles of the Upside Down World inviting themselves into our atmosphere. It can be expected that the famous army of Vecna, teased since season three, invites itself to Hawkins, transforming the streets of the city into a real battlefield. If a fight of this magnitude comes to the screen, we can expect a few deaths in the main castings, for the moment unscathed as a whole. We may come to discover the true nature of the Upside Down, since when One discovers this new dimension, we can see a world completely different from what we have been used to. Montages under a yellow sky background contrast completely with the decorations filled with corruption. Is Vecna ​​responsible? Or is it simply a third dimension? Let’s hope to have the answers for season 5.

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Stranger Things: What can we expect from season 5 on Netflix?

Max’s fate

Max, introduced in the second season, is one of the main characters of the series. She meets a tragic fate in this fourth part, serving as a sacrifice to open the doors of the Upside Down to our world. Barely conscious, she dies in Lucas’ arms, having narrowly escaped Vecna’s complete ritual. Eleven manages to pull her out of her death, but only from a clinical standpoint. Subsequently, when Elf penetrates the unconscious of the skateboarder, she only encounters emptiness there. We know, however, that when Vecna ​​kills someone, he absorbs their existence. “All that is, was and will be”, according to Dr. Branner. Thus, if our protagonists manage to destroy One, Max’s soul may be freed and return to his body, serving as additional motivation for our heroes. It may also be able to parasitize Vecna ​​from the insidegiven that she is still alive, leaving an opening to defeat him.

Nancy’s love triangle

Nancy is undoubtedly one of the most badass characters on the show, alongside Jim Hopper and Eleven. In Season 4, we can see her questioning her feelings towards Jonathan. The latter giving him almost no news since his move to California, Nancy seems to have rekindled her attraction to Steve (The MVP of the series, in all objectivity of course). The latter has evolved a lot since their separation in season 2, becoming more mature with a better perspective on himself, which is not to displease Nancy. These two may end up together at the end of the serieswhich is likely to start many debates in the community.

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Stranger Things: What can we expect from season 5 on Netflix?

A spin-off in the making

On June 24, the Duffer brothers have confirmed that their series will have the right to a spin-off, after season 5. However, it won’t go into production until after Stranger Things ends. In an interview with Variety, the two creators detail their roadmap for the future of their universe.

As we finish the special effects, Matt and I will start to look at the concept of this spin-off, Ross Duffer said. We think everyone – including Netflix – will be surprised when they hear the concept, because it’s very, very different.

Only one actor is aware of this new project: Finn Wolhard, the actor playing the role of Mike. We don’t have more details at this time.

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